Usher to Marry Tameka Foster... Today!

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This may come as worse celebrity news to many readers than some random woman taking Blake Lewis off the market:

Usher will marry Tameka Foster at record executive LA Reid's home in New York's Hamptons later this afternoon. Despite rumors of her problems with the union, Usher's mom, Jonetta Patton, will be among the 70 to 100 guests expected at the private, outdoor celebration.

Foster, Tameka

Fans of The Hollywood Gossip have written in for months with complaints about Tamkea Foster. They hate her more than Simon Monjack!

The reasons for this? Tameka is older and not as good looking as Usher.

This stylist, who has worked with Lauryn Hill and Toni Braxton, also has three children with her ex-husband. Her and Usher are also expecting, just as Trisa Sutter and Ryan were before welcoming Maxwell Alson into the world this week.

The soon-to-be bride is trying to look on the bright side, however. She knows that her and Asia Nitollano are two of the most despised celebrities out there.

"He just accepted me for who I am," Foster, told last month about her relationship with Usher. "I have flaws, I have an attitude problem. ... Overall, I have issues that a person could either love or hate, but he accepted me completely. And every day he still treats me like we just met.


hi usher thes is no woman for you sorry


Usher I applaud you for taking it slow. A woman who don't respect your mom. Don't respect you. Tameka was on a mission. Any woman that can leave her 3 kids and leave her husband immediately and find another the next month. Defines her character. Tameka needs me time, time for to find herself. So what she did lauryn hill and Toni Braxton hair she is a hair stylist. Thats all she has to bring to the table. So what she has styled 2 celebs hair. It not like she does them all what other qualities do she display besides styling hair, talking older girl game and spitting out babies r there any other qualities she possess. Usher please explore other options before making a wasteful decision. Take care your child. But move on to bigger and better things. There are 2 many black women out here that can be professional but yet down too earth at the same time. Stay stong usher wait love will come to U. But what Tameka is portraying to the media is not love. It's game!

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