The Lindsay Lohan 911 Tape

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Hey, did you hear that Lindsay Lohan was in a drunk driving accident this weekend?

We mean that literally: Did you actually hear it? As in, the 911 tape released by authorities yesterday.


The call, released by the Santa Monica City Attorney's office, was presumed to be made by Michelle Peck, the mother of one of Lohan's assistants, who had picked up her daughter from a gathering that Lohan also attended.

The caller seemed frantic and claimed she was being chased by an SUV. Below is a portion of the transcript. (Listen to the call here, at a different celebrity gossip blog, TMZ.)

911: Santa Monica Police, what's the emergency?
Caller: Yes sir, I'm on Montana. Is he behind you? Is he behind you?

911: Where are you?
Caller: Right now we're on 7th and Wilshire. We were just about to park our car, we were turning home, and out of nowhere, a huge white GMC came up and... We're at 4th and Wilshire, we're coming down right now, we're being followed by a white GMC, the gentleman jumped out of the car, and OH MY GOD SIR, THEY'RE FOLLOWING US. WE NEED HELP.

Lindsay Lohan has broken more laws than Mindy McCready.

911: Where are you?
Caller: Right now we're on Arizona... Oh my God, are they following us? OK, right now we're on Santa Monica... We're driving to the police station right now... We're at 4th and Broadway. We were just coming home... and all of a sudden he came down a side street... We're driving to the police station... sir, please? The gentleman came out of his car. [inaudible] AAAAHHH, Oh my God! What is he doing? Oh my God, oh my God... Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! (Screaming...police sirens in background).

As People magazine reports in its latest cover story, the 911 call came in after an argument between Lohan and her assistant Tarin Graham, Peck's daughter. Graham then apparently called her mother to pick her up, and Lohan gave chase.

Because no way was anyone leaving her sight! She was all over her assistance like Blake Lewis was all over that random woman at Les Deux.


Yeah, but she is human. She's just got a big head is all.


I don't think its so much about not trusting anyone...she's an adult! She's not the first person in the world to have a rough don't see everyone behaving like she is. As a matter of fact, during the latest outburst, she had enough arrogance to state "I'm a celebrity, I can do whatever I want".
Awful behavior-I hope she DOES go to jail-maybe it'll scare her straight. She's young, not a baby-She needs to be able to take responsibility for her own actions-and if she can't-the judge should.


Too many people take advantage of Lindsay Lohan. She can't trst anyone!


lindsay lohan. hmmm this is a diffulcult one. she is a very talented actress, with ALOT of problems. but truly, i think tha main ppl 2 blame are....THA PARENTS. even though lindsay is an adult nd can make her own decisions, shes still not fully mature yet =/ her mother's 2 busy tryin 2 make a name 4 her OWN self, shez not focusin on her daughter, who OBVIOUSLY needs help. nd her father [from wat i understand] was an abussive alcoholic. lindsay needs HELP. SERIOUS HELP. it scarez me becuz she is so yung, beautiful, & talented, nd shez alreadi in tha fast lane. L might have 2 face SERIOUS concicences [cant spell] this time. KEEP UR HEAD UP LINDSAy!!!!


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