Shay Johnson: Another Flavor of Love Calendar Girl

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Sorry, Larissa Aurora. You're old news.

Another Flavor of Love Girl has followed your lead and put out a racy calendar. Let's meet Shay Johnson.

She was known on the show as "Buckeey," and she's trying to live up to that reputation below by bucking any sort of conventions that say ugly women should not pose in naked photos. Good for you, girl!

Shay is merely the latest in a string of Flavor Flav cast-offs trying to extend their 15 minutes of reality TV fame into a solid half hour by posing in the buff.

Or, in the case of Jennifer Toof nude, doing a lot more than just posing! She's released a sex tape.

It's hard to say which girl will be the next to shed her clothing in order to prove Mr. Flav wrong. But, no, Naomi Campbell was never on that show. She just decided to get naked because she could.


fuck hershe fake ummmmmmmmmmmm she just did a porn to get were she at now she relly from milwaukee and she fake and her grandparents are a pastor and the first lady..........uim her couzin thats ok she dont have to put on with her i see her swag BITCH


i am fun for shy, but i prefer actually naked calender.
shy yuo looks great,best character and you got sexy booty than ever in this planet. bye


bitch u r u can not pose u ugly slut lol


is she actually naked in this calender? If so im definitely gonna spend the 15 bucks, she is so sexy.


shay looks great but i prefer larissa cauz she has better boobs and better booty but i prefer shay as her character sh'E more sweet but dont get in trouble wit her shes gonna beat u up


Lol wauuut up shay johnson aka bootyz u the most sexy one on tv seeing flavor of love 1 and 2 so what next for u miss johnson u work on ur projecics in the futuer I seening drop it like was hot on flavor of love I seeing again on the internet u get a sexy boby bootz I'm a big fan of u u one hot celebrity in the game 1 luv to u and ur family bootz I holler bacc at u booty re3l soon babagurl hit me bacc1


I see this site is #1 for hating on Shay Johnson. She is fine as hell and all the haters know. I'm glad she stays on your mind. Great Job


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i love u thatis right u beat larissa up and u are hot i loveu

Shay Johnson Biography

Shay Johnson is also known as "Buckeey" from Flavor of Love Girls 2. Sadly, she did not win the heart of Flavor Flav. She did, however,... More »
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Shay Johnson