Scott Baio and Renee Sloan are Dating... and Expecting

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This just in: Scott Baio may be 45... but he is far from single.

In fact, the former child actor - who is somehow making celebrity news once again - is gonna be a father. Congratulations, we guess.

Despite currently starring in a reality show that depicts his life as an unattached man, Baio is actually expecting a child with Playmate Renee Sloan. The couple does look happy in the picture below, but we can't help but wonder if Charles is really in Charge of his life here.

Sloan, oddly enough, played the body double for Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. Baio, meanwhile, played the role of boyfriend for Anderson for a few years. Small, large-breasted world.

While Baio apparently does not live up to his single reputation, we hope other reality TV stars are, indeed, who they claim to be.

Don't tell us Spencer Pratt is actually nice. Or Holly Madison actually has real boobs. We wouldn't be able to take it.

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Well, the way I see least he was mature enough to get with a woman that's "like minded" enough to deal w/him..They both have lived shady lives, are of questionable moral character, extremely shallow, and love the lime light, oh and money..hey how can they go least she's not someone half his age...which would really solidify his pervert!

@ marie

marie, what proof do you have of scott's so-called questionable moral character, shady past, etc.? i've never heard any such things about him. you sound very jealous and spiteful. did he dump you?


Strippers are the best


What does HER PAST have to do with whether or not she's a good person!! We ALL have pasts and some of us MAY NOT be proud of them...BUT to bash her is wrong! DO you personally know her?! ... THEN SHUT UP!!! PLEASE...Scott and her made a cute couple and when they said "I DO" it's now official! I don't think he's gay or BI ~ I just think that he hung out with Johnny who made it VERY CLEAR that he's about hanging on coat tails and riding the ride...til it's over...WELL...IT'S OVER!!

@ Kat

who's into riding coattails? scott or johnny please? your letter is very vitriolic and defensive. IMO, one's past is very indicative of the kind of person one is...and a good predictor of the future! and scott and "she" made a cute couple, not scott and "her." you sound as classy as she does.


What is wrong with being or having been a stripper??? Some of them only do it because the money is great and they need to support their children. Others do it in order to pay their tuition fees. Whatever the reasons, we have no right to judge people... I wish them happiness.


Renee is a sweetie, I knew her when she worked in a topless bar (I never said she was a stripper). She was my neighbor. She is very sweet and her daughter was a doll. I hope Scott treats her very good!

@ Wendy Hallstead

was she a dancer in the topless bar? that's as bad as a stripper in my book...whore...and it's "well" not "good."


Get a real job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sounds like Scott and Brittney would make a great couple!!!


Sounds like Scott and Britney would make a great couple!!!


Get a REAL job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Get a real job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!