Scott Baio and Renee Sloan are Dating... and Expecting

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This just in: Scott Baio may be 45... but he is far from single.

In fact, the former child actor - who is somehow making celebrity news once again - is gonna be a father. Congratulations, we guess.

Despite currently starring in a reality show that depicts his life as an unattached man, Baio is actually expecting a child with Playmate Renee Sloan. The couple does look happy in the picture below, but we can't help but wonder if Charles is really in Charge of his life here.

Sloan, oddly enough, played the body double for Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. Baio, meanwhile, played the role of boyfriend for Anderson for a few years. Small, large-breasted world.

While Baio apparently does not live up to his single reputation, we hope other reality TV stars are, indeed, who they claim to be.

Don't tell us Spencer Pratt is actually nice. Or Holly Madison actually has real boobs. We wouldn't be able to take it.

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you are a HAS Been. Do you need to do this crap to get attention-- get a life.


thwey're a great couple.. best of luck to them!




By the way they were married on December 8 2007 (Scott And Renee)


HMMMMM Guess you were all wrong congratulations Scott and Renee on your marriage , I wish you both all the best. Good luck with the teen and the newborn. lol


Well as I sit here and read comments on Baio an Renee his bride to be and new baby, reality is does it really matter? what business it ours to judge him or her? We all have baggage and one should not be throwing stones at glass houses, if its met to be it will be if not then it won't be. Live and let live everyone with negative remarks evidently don't have a life so they read about actors and actresses and create rumors because there own lives must be boring or want to take the attention away from they're own problems..All I can say is we all need to get a LIFE..

@ pam

pam, your comments are very kind...btw, it's "their lives" not "there" and "their problems" not "they're." you sound nice though.


Look people just because this slut and this male whore want to bear a child and tie the knot you all shouldn't jump down their throats.
Yes, she was a slutty stripper wanna be that never panned out to become anything.
Yes, he is another Hollywood wash-up and doesn't seem to have any other options for marrying the hottest thing since sliced bread.
Marrying a used, instant-family type of girl with decent looks suits him quiet well.
As for the rest of you fat-slob Hollywood drama queens and kings, grow-up and ralize that you're never be anything more than bloggers to this and every other site like this in your lifetime.
Thanks and good day,

@ Hugh Hefner

wow, is this hugh hefner for real? hard to believe, but if true doesn't sound like his regard for her is too high...geez!


Who is Scott Baio? All these has-beens need to secure their futures by continuing to work and stop trying to milk dead cows from the 70/80s. Isn't that right Donny and Marie Osmond? Pleeeeaaassee! Your talent is spent.

@ HasBeens

hey, marie has a line of very cute dolls on qvc...donny does well in las vegas. why are you so bitter and nasty?


scott is a washed up actor that hasnt been in anything in years,his old lady is a stripper...who cares its chachi


Well damn, I guess my chances are slim to none now LOL.

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