Scott Baio and Renee Sloan are Dating... and Expecting

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This just in: Scott Baio may be 45... but he is far from single.

In fact, the former child actor - who is somehow making celebrity news once again - is gonna be a father. Congratulations, we guess.

Despite currently starring in a reality show that depicts his life as an unattached man, Baio is actually expecting a child with Playmate Renee Sloan. The couple does look happy in the picture below, but we can't help but wonder if Charles is really in Charge of his life here.

Sloan, oddly enough, played the body double for Pamela Anderson in Baywatch. Baio, meanwhile, played the role of boyfriend for Anderson for a few years. Small, large-breasted world.

While Baio apparently does not live up to his single reputation, we hope other reality TV stars are, indeed, who they claim to be.

Don't tell us Spencer Pratt is actually nice. Or Holly Madison actually has real boobs. We wouldn't be able to take it.

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My former roommate, French Actress is a former very close friend of Scott's and Cherie (no last name for her privacy, but he knows who it is) has always been part of the 80's bi sexual/lesbian/gay mix. She was able to teach Janet Jackson to dance from her Prima Ballet background, and enjoy the "no shame" 80's. Cherie told me that anyone shtupid enough to believe the PRESS will bite into anything they are FED. Most all of her years were PRIVATE HOUSE PARTIES with group sex, lots of lesbians and lots of men pretending to be straight.


Just ran across this and knew Renee back when she worked at the clubs and she was a real slut and use to sleep with her customers. She was always looking for the quick buck and thinking she was more than she was. She finally got her fame but at what sad but true...


i was watching bravo tonight and saw scott with andy cohen. they didn't discuss his personal life, so i thought i'd see if he was married. how disappointing to learn he married a former playmate and stripper! come on, scott, couldn't you marry someone of substance to be the mother of your children? your mother must be so sad.


I am disappointed in Scott. Who cares if she was a Playmate and stripper but the woman he marries has to be hot. Of all the women he has access to and all he has to show for is a middle-aged ugly chick with a teenage daughter? Scott, next time give her up to Johny V!

@ Guestlove?

you are it doesn't matter what kind of morals his wife has, just that she's "hot?" how shallow are you?? you sicken me.


Renee is a gold-digger and Scott is getting older and feels he should get married and have a kid. Works for both! They will divorce in a couple of years. Scott will go back to pursuing the ladies and Renee will get alimony plus child support and live happily ever after.
And please, a stripper and good mother should not be mentioned in the same sentence. There are a million jobs Renee could have taken even with her lack of education.


I was wondering where Scott met Renee. Seem like they both could do better than each other, lol. For once I would have liked to see Scott with a women who looked more ethnic like him if you know what I mean. His ass would have gotten jacked up if he went out with those types of women in Brooklyn, lol.


I worked with Renee, who always went by Peaches, in San Diego. She was an exotic dancer, no doubt. That being said… she was one of the sweetest people I knew at the club. She seemed to be a good mother raising her daughter on her own, which is why she worked as a stipper. If I remember correctly, she was also Ms Spring Break MTV one year. Over the years I have seen her in ads in the back of Cosmo mag. and as one of Hugh Hefner's 7 girlfriends. I was in shock to see her, Scott Baio and their new baby in Us mag. I've never seen the show. Good for your Renee, although you could have done better than him.


Renee and Scott are now married and have an infant. Yes, true, Renee was a stripper in San Diego, Los Angeles & Las Vegas (Did I leave anywhere else out?) and Scott Baio has a rep as a ladies man...but the past is the past, right? But, hopefully...they and their baby will be happy and choose better paths in the future!


Well, I watched the VH-1 program and I'll tell you my thoughts about that "reality show" is no different than any other one. But, I felt that Renee sincerely loves Scott and that he sincerely loves her. (Once all of his bachelor influences were out of the way-giving him time to think of life like a man. Not like a middle aged frat-boy )!! If anyone watched the show, they would have seen that Renee was ready to WALK AWAY FROM SCOTT if he did not commit!! AND HE PROPOSED MARRIAGE TO HER, BEFORE SHE TOLD HIM SHE WAS PREGNANT!!
So, Congratulations to Scott, Renee and their new baby!! Have a wonderful and happy life! PS. I do not give a big rats butt about either ones "PAST". So what anybody did in their life, BEFORE they met their lifemate. SCOTT & RENEE LIVE HAPPY WITH YOUR BABY AND FAMILY!


Renee Sloan, aren't you really 39 year's old? Why are you advertising 35?