Report: Nancy Benoit Was in Fear of Her Husband

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that on Thursday, June 21, Nancy Benoit called a close friend to express fear of her husband.

Nancy reportedly told the friend that she was scared to death and that, "if anything happens to me, look at [Chris Benoit]."

The friend, along with a former wrestler and friend in whom she confided, told Nancy to immediately leave and hide out in an apartment. Further, Nancy was instructed to send son Daniel to her parents' house in Florida.

Despite her fear, Nancy Benoit did not follow these instructions. And we all know about the tragic events that followed.


You'll never know what happen in that house. It may not of been all Chris Benoit's fault. Chris Benoit's first wife and two kids are alive. Maybe he had a mentle illness and the mind games did not help. I want u wait no I dont I want a divorce no wait lets stay married shit did not help. As everyone knows they were not ment to be togather. And nobody was there to know what the hell happen. What if some one else done it. Chris looked like he loved his son to much to hurt him. I think it is fishey.


Seriously this is just hogwash, there have been no reports of this type of thing at all within Chris's family/friends. This is just made up by all the gossips sites and tabloids who want to make up their own theories based on one divorce filing in '03 that was dropped soon after look up Penny Durham Benoit tragedy find the video that Finlay and Marc Mero are on and Penny explains this fabrication and clears it up.
all they care about is "juicy stories" even if they have to make them up. What a bunch of idiots


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