Pageant Officials: Let Amy Polumbo Reign!

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While the details of allegedly racy Amy Polumbo photos are still unknown, Miss New Jersey pageant officials are giving the green light to the reign of this beauty queen.

Three of the pageant's five board members told The New York Post yesterday they've examined secretly mailed pictures of Polumbo (taken from and sent by a group calling itself "The Committee to Save Miss America") and don't believe they're offensive.

As long as Polumbo had nothing to do with the vulgar captions that made Katie Rees look tame by comparison - and is not in violation of her contract - the three said they're on her side.

"They weren't bad at all, but the captions on the pictures were hurtful," said board secretary Mark Soifer.

We wonder what they could say. Amy Polumbo nude, getting it on! Naked Amy Polumbo does six guys at once! The possibilities are endless.

The trustees are set to meet tomorrow in Ocean City and decide Polumbo's fate. There's a good chance that, like Tara Conner, this crown holder will continue to represent her state and the country.

And why wouldn't she be able to? Too much is made of people getting naked and having fun, as Nick Lachey pointed out. It's typically rather harmless.

Board President Nancy Johnson basically agreed, as she described the photos as "college theater kids" just "doing the silly things they do."

That does get our mind racing, of course. We wonder if Jennifer Toof was involved.


UGH! Miss Washington's photos came out this morning and are much worse than Miss NJ's. WA has her CROWN ON in the photos, and they are worse, IMO. AND NJ's came out a week after she was crowned and she had to be ridiculed all year, while no one knew about WA's til now and she got to be like 2nd runner up to Miss America! NOT FAIR! I know Miss NJ quite well and she is a doll. I love her and its a shame that people like Pat Verona have nothing better to do but call people names.


I think she should not be allowed to reign. Miss America contestants should be role models, and posting these type of pictures in facebook for all to see was done because that's what she thinks is viewable and appropriate. When I am being silly i don't photograph and publish my silliness because I know it's silly. We have to have certain standards to maintain a polite and functioning community. And if this is not the worst thing in the world, which it is not, then it is still not appropriate and ladylike behavior. Off, I say! Or else the pageant is a total farce!




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