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What's there to say, really?

The pregnancy rumors proved legit.

Harlow Pic

She's really, really thin and drives the wrong way on freeways while high on the weed and Vicodin.

That's about as far as the story goes as far as we're concerned, but the pregnant, soon-to-be on trial Nicole Richie is set to emerge from a period of self-imposed media blackout.

Next week, the Simple Life "star" will finally come out of hiding for an interview with Diane Sawyer.

Must be a slow week at ABC if they are turning to celebrity news of this nature.

In three segments set to air August 2 on Good Morning America and August 3 on Good Morning America and 20/20, Sawyer will finally have the chance to ask Nicole Richie on behalf of America, in the words of Elliot Reid from Scrubs:

"What the frick is going on with you?!"

Indeed, the forthcoming interview will mark something of a comeback for the usually media whorish Nicole Richie, pictured here with pal and fellow DUI fiend Lindsay Lohan.

On tour recently with boyfriend Joel Madden's band, Good Charlotte, she has kept a low-profile, trying to avoid being seen whenever possible.

That should be easy. All she has to do is turn sideways. Eh? Sorry.

Some topics that we hope Diane Sawyer will cover are Richie's upcoming court date for her December DUI arrest, where she could face 90 days to one year in jail, and whether she plans to keep the baby or let it starve to death as she seems to favor doing to herself.

Previous celebrities who have memorably opened up to Sawyer include Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, The Dixie Chicks and Tom Cruise.

Big footsteps to follow in, Nicole. Hope you're up for it.

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The great Kevin Federline is a pimp when it comes to the ladies. Or so he thinks.

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton is a pimp of a different sort... the man slings celebrity news, gossip and rumors like it's his job.

Who will win when these two gentlemen square off in a big pimpin' photo finish - inspired by pics of Jayden James Federline's dad and the self-proclaimed Queen of All Media holding huge cups proclaiming their pimp-dom? You decide...

Hmm... It's hard to pick Kevin Federline as the winner... in anything.

Nevertheless, we've gotta give it to FedEx here. Not only is one of his four kids (Sean Preston) already pimpin' it hard at age 1, but the guy knocked up Shar Jackson! Twice! He also married Britney Spears back when she had her $h!t together. Think about it.

Also, Kevin's reported new girlfriend, Liz Hernandez, is pretty cute! There is no content here. Sorry, Perez. You're the queen of gossip, but victory is K-Fed's in this case.

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Despite tying the knot before only a few friends at Little Church of the West in Las Vegas, Jodie Sweetin says her marriage to Cody Herpin wasn't a quickie wedding.

It was, you know, a really fast wedding.

Jodie Sweetin, Zoie Herpin

"We wanted to keep it quiet," Bob Saget's TV daughter on Full House star tells People magazine. "We came to Vegas to get married. We had a bunch of friends come down after we got married to celebrate with us."

Sweetin, 25, who met Herpin, a 30-year-old set designer, through mutual friends, says they first began to discuss marriage back in May.

"We have been friends for a really long time and became really serious around Memorial Day and started talking about getting married," says Sweetin, who most recently hosted the hit show Pants-Off Dance-Off.

Jodie Sweetin considers the Vegas wedding simply a first step.

"In a year or so we're going to have bigger ceremony for family and friends," she says. "We don't know where yet."

Just promise you'll invite the Olsen Twins. Please.

But one thing is for sure, says the actress with the suddenly large boobs, who split from her first husband, a police officer, last year.

"Cody Herpin is my best friend. I married my best friend, and I couldn't ask for anything more. He's an unbelievable person."

The couple did not have a formal honeymoon, but they did spend several days in Sin City as a celebration of their nuptials.

"We didn't do anything too excessive," says Sweetin. "We ate at [the Bellagio Hotel's restaurant] Fix a few times, and that was fantastic."

Hopefully they didn't run into Vegas regular Kevin Federline. That would have made for a veritable D-list bonanza up in that piece.

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Sorry, ladies, but it appears as though Blake Lewis has a girlfriend.

The American Idol runner-up left Les Deux last night and was far from alone. As the picture below also indicates, he was snuggling up with a certain someone outside the hot spot.

And that someone is NOT Antonella Barba or Jordin Sparks, both of whom the spiked-hair beat boxer has been linked with.

Blake Lewis makes like Paris Hilton and Cisco Adler with this unnamed woman.

While Lewis may be breaking hearts across the country with this smooch, fans of the crooner do have some good news: Earlier this month, Blake disclosed he has already recorded six songs for his upcoming album, due at the end of 2007.

"I try not to be put in a box," he said. "I'm inspired by everything. I've got six tracks done. I've got a track that's very Erasure-sounding, a track that's Sting-meets-Neverending Story and a track that's very electro-poppy Depeche Mode. It's all over the map."

We can't wait. We also think Blake should keep his options open before settling down with the woman above. Remember, Jessica Alba is single now.

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The fabulous Lauren Conrad is featured on the cover of August's issue of Teen Vogue.

LC appears on the cover of the magazine with her fellow co-star on The Hills, Whitney Port.

Of course, fans know that Lauren and Whitney work together as interns ... at Teen Vogue.

Think that perhaps, this gives them a leg up on any possible cover competition? Just a little?

Then again, when you look at this pair of California cuties, you wonder why the magazine would ever need to go outside its own offices for cover girls.

Lauren, Whitney and the rest of The Hills cast return Monday, August 13, for the third (and likely) final season of the hit series, a spin-off of Laguna Beach.

Rumor has it that The Hills has been reportedly extended to 18 episodes by MTV, giving LC, Whit, Heidi, Audrina Patridge more air time than ever. Which is, like, totally sweet!

For now, though, here are a few pictures of Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port from behind the scenes of their photo shoot, which is featured in this month's Teen Vogue.

Whitney, LC

ABOVE, LEFT: Being a cover girl is hard work! Whitney looks a little worn out, but fortunately, her parents were there to support her throughout the ordeal. When she got the chills in between shots, her folks kept a white robe handy.

ABOVE, RIGHT: Lauren Conrad is considerably shorter than Whitney, so LC had to wear heels or stand on a crate to make up the difference in some of the Teen Vogue photos.

Follow the jump below for more terrific pics of Lauren and Whitney ...

Continue Reading...

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Someone else may soon get to see Jessica Alba nude.

For two and a half years, Cash Warren was the only man lucky enough to view this beautiful sight - but now the couple has broken up and the Fantastic Four actress is on the market.

A Night Out

Sources tell Us Magazine that Alba called Warren on July 22 and told him, "I'm not in love with you anymore."

Simple and honest. Unlike Diddy and his handling of the Kim Porter break-up, it appears Alba is at least mature. Within hours, she had dispatched an assistant to the L.A. home she shared to pack up Warren's belongings and move him out.

Despite the gap between these two on the film industry food chain - Warren is merely a director's assistance - the couple was often seen partying at Hollywood events and enjoying romantic vacations from Mexico to Miami.

Just a month ago, Spike TV named Warren the "Luckiest Bastard" of 2007 at their first annual Guy's Choice Awards, due to his relationship with Alba. James Blunt was in contention for that award until his relationship with Petra Nemcova ended.

The breakup "happened...almost out of nowhere," a source said. "[Cash] thinks it's for another guy but doesn't know....he's totally devastated. But it was all her." (Alba's rep declined to comment.)

So, if there's another guy - or if there will be soon - who might it be? When Cosmo asked the actress to name her celebrity crushes a few months ago, she replied:

"I would have to say Johnny Depp, Michael Caine... Morgan Freeman, and Jake Gyllenhaal."

Sorry, Gummi Bear.

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If you thought the sight of Cisco Adler naked was disgusting, imagine swapping spit with the man himself.

Reportedly, Paris Hilton no longer has to envision this scenario: she lived it last night at Guy's karaoke.

A TMZ spy spotted Hilton making out with the giant testicled man at the club last night, with Paris going so far as to give Adler a little lap dance. There's nothing like getting to first base with the sloppy seconds of Mischa Barton, is there?

We wonder how Tyler Atkins feels about this news.

Undoubtedly, the heiress is looking to steal the celebrity gossip spotlight back from Lindsay Lohan, but did she have to make all our stomachs turn in order to do it?

She'd be better off taking the Nicole Scherzinger approach and not acting like a stripper. But, then again, that's what makes Paris Hilton Paris Hilton, isn't it?

When she wasn't getting randy in the crowd, Paris graced the stage with a rendition of "Bette Davis Eyes," followed by a medley of her hit "Stars are Blind."

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In response to accusations that he's an absentee dad and too obsessed with the Hollywood scene, Matt Leinart says he's sought to spend more time with his 9-month-old son with his ex-girlfriend, Brynn Cameron.

Leinart says he's even sought help from the courts.

"I love Cole more than anything or anyone," the Arizona Cardinals QB said in a statement to People. "I also really care about his mother, and would never say anything disparaging about her. I want to help him experience life's lessons that were taught to me by my mom and dad."

Brynn Cameron has criticized Leinart's parenting

She told the Ventura County Star that she often reads that Leinart says how he loves being a dad, but she "spends 99.9 pecent of the time" with Cole and "it's been hard to do all the work, when he gets all the credit."

But Matt Leinart says that is not the entire story

"Regardless of the allegations, I have gone to great lengths to increase my custodial time with Cole," Leinart says. "This includes seeking intervention from family law courts."

"I don't know if Cole's mother is motivated by anger or by financial gain," the Heisman winner added, "but it is my sincere hope that one day we will be able to effectively co-parent our son who we both love very much."

He did not elaborate on the court activity, but TMZ says the signal-caller is engaged in a raging legal battle with Brynn Cameron over custody of Cole Cameron Leinart.

According to sources close to the case, Brynn wants Matt Leinart to hand over more than $30,000 a month. This for a 21-year-old living with her parents!

According to sources close to the custody case, Leinart is pissed - having already bought Cameron a car, as well as voluntarily given her around six grand a month.

Leinart signed a six-year deal with the Arizona Cardinals in 2006 - worth around $51 million. Sources tell TMZ that the former USC standout already "comes back to L.A. once a week, every week, to see the baby," but wants a schedule where he can see Cole in Arizona as well.

Unlike many NFL stars who have kids out of wedlock or get indicted on federal dogfighting charges (cough, Michael Vick), many close to the situation say Matt Leinart (like Tom Brady surely will be) is an engaged dad who wants to be even more involved in son's life.

Yet Brynn Cameron claims she's doing all the hard work while Leinart, who's been linked romantically to Paris Hilton as well as Kristin Cavallari, "comes and goes whenever he wants ... he likes that Hollywood stuff and I don't like that."

In any event, Matt Leinart and Brynn Cameron are expected to hammer it out in court on August 13. Here's a picture of Brynn with Cole Cameron Leinart. Very cute!

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Nicole Scherzinger, the only hot or recognizable Pussycat Doll (not counting Asia Nitollano) is trying get away from the stripper stereotype.

No, seriously.

Nicole Scherzinger Nude Photo

Nicole, who just released her first solo single featuring TI, was in the glamorous port city of San Pedro, Calif. yesterday - filming the music video for the song.

According to sources, Nicole Scherzinger was dressed in a skimpy, bronze-colored designer bathing suit and then asked to do some crazy yoga poses.

A TMZ source said that Nicole Scherzinger was not too happy about the chosen outfit and told executives that she "looked like a whore."

Maybe she's trying to clean up her act for beau Talan Torriero? She would know, as she's used to those "ladylike" Pussycat Doll outfits. Gosh.

Shooting continued for a short period until the studio peeps agreed that the Pussycat Dolls' leader did, in fact, look like a hooker!

Stunning, really.

The set was immediately cleared until a new, more tasteful outfit was found for the overtly sexual photos. Guess you can dress a wolf in sheep's clothing ... or something.

Great stuff. This is the equivalent of Britney Spears pulling the plug on an interview or a photo shoot because she "looks like a mess" or "feels like a total wreck!"

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The Hollywood Gossp would like to apologize for the following, awful pun:

For Claudia Schiffer, it's in vogue to get naked.

The absolutely stunning model has gone all Amanda Beard on us, taking off her clothes in the pages of Vogue Paris magazine. Not that we're complaining. At all.

When you've got a body like this, why not flaunt it? That's the reason Matthew McConaughey hasn't worn a shirt in three years. And women everywhere, especially Camila Alves, are thankful for that.

Take notes, Kimberly Bell: This is how you look good nude.

Of course, the only thing hotter than a Claudia Schiffer naked photo would be one with this bare super model and Ali Larter nude. We'll see what we can do to make this happen.

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