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Did anyone actually believe Paris Hilton when she told Larry King a week ago that she had never done drugs?

No? That's what we thought.

Paris Presents

Nevertheless, for the tiny number of Hilton supporters out there, we felt the need to provide video evidence of Paris getting higher than Kristin Cavallari must have been when she got that Nick Zano tattoo.


Seriously, Paris. Don't insult our intelligence with your anti-drug claims.

As someone who has taken advantage of the Internet age as much as possible via your sex tape, did you really think evidence of your marijuana mishaps wouldn't spread like your legs do when Stavros Niarchos is around?

Next thing we know, Mischa Barton will claim she's never touched the stuff.

Or Lynne Spears will say she has a strong family.

Or Simon Monjack will state he's a stand-up citizen.

We could go on forever...

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As the quote attached to the following Vanessa Minnillo nude photo says: If you thought the girlfriend of Nick Lachey was a goody goody, these pics prove otherwise.

Apparently, wielding a knife with Lindsay Lohan wasn't enough evidence for this supposed pal of Minnillo's.

But anyway. Lachey and his lady love recently vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. And, following in the laid back style of our neighbors to the south, they ditched all clothing for a poolside romp. Photographers from Life & Style magazine were there to capture this couple in all its naked glory.

Nick Lachey, Vanessa Minnillo Nude

It's safe to assume Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have now booked a flight to the same resort in order to "accidentally" be caught on film, too.

We love Vanessa, but we do have two questions:

  1. What career path she'll take now that her Total Request Live days are over? Lacking any discernible talent, might this beauty just go the way of Tila Tequila and pose naked for attention?
  2. As attractive as Minnillo is, where were the Jessica Simpson nude photos when Lachey was married to that starlet? Come on, Nick.

Finally, speaking of the former boy bander, here's an inquiry for the ladies: Do you prefer Nick Lachey nude or David Beckham nude?

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We know, we know: Kim Kardashian usually blows in other places - such as the backseat of a car or the bathroom of a club or anywhere where there's a video camera.

But let's try to keep this clean, shall we?

The Kim Kardashian Playboy Shoot

While there's no breaking celebrity news involved in this photo, it's interesting to note that Kardashian appears to be mimicking the famous Marilyn Monroe pose of letting your dress blow in the wind. It would make sense, too:

Similar to the 1960s icon, Kardashian is pretty much famous for just being kinda good looking and sleeping with well-known men. Well, except for Ray J.

Through seductive shots such as these - and those that depict an almost fully nude Kim Kardashian - the rich stylist is trying to stretch her 15 minutes of fame into at least a full hour. We wish her the best of luck in that endeavor.

But we also wanna warn the step-sister of Brody Jenner: Monroe was the hero of Anna Nicole Smith. And everyone knows how young both of those beauties died. So be careful, Kim.

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Princess Diana was honored last night - but it was two other British women that really made news.

And, no, for once we're not talking about consistently nude English models such as Keeley Hazell or Lucy Pinder.

The Royal Wedding Couple

Chelsy Davy who has been dating Prince Harry for about three years, planted a smooch on her man during the show, while Kate Middleton smiled supportively at Prince William from just two rows behind her concert-promoter boyfriend at Wembley Stadium.

While the former couple has been solid for years, Middleton and William have recently been seeing each other again after breaking off their five-year relationship in April, friends have told People magazine.

Dressed in a white trench coat and a black-and-white print dress by Issa, Middleton rocked out to the show among the other young royals and friends, putting her arm in the air to "Shine" by former boy band Take That and grooving to Lily Allen and Nelly Furtado.

Kate Middleton plays the role of loving girlfriend during the concert honoring the late Princess Diana last night in Britan.

The charitable concert â€" held on what would've been Diana's 46th birthday, 10 years after her death â€" was opened by the princes, with a rousing "Hello Wembley!"

"This evening is about all that our mother loved in life â€" her music, her dance, her charities and her family and friends," Prince William told the 60,000-strong crowd, after being introduced by Elton John.

Meanwhile, Army officer Harry mindful of those he would have been serving alongside in Iraq had he been able to go, added a word of praise: "I wish I was there with you. I'm sorry I can't be. To you and everyone on operations we'd both like to say stay safe."

David Beckham, soon to start his soccer career with L.A.'s Galaxy, got one of the biggest cheers of the night when he stepped onstage. Before he introduced Take That he called the evening's hosts "truly remarkable. The nation should be proud of them."

The show included acts from Diana's era (Rod Stewart, Supertramp and Bryan Ferry) and those from her sons' (Diddy, Kanye West and Fergie).

If they had asked her to contribute, it's safe to assume Sam Cooke would have bared her large breasts, as well.

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Three days after Britney Spears handed her mother a reportedly upsetting letter (or restraining order), Lynne Spears is holding out hope to mend their rift.

"Everything is going to be fine," she told People while out shopping in Kentwood, La. "I've got a strong family, and everything is going to be fine."

Britney Spears and Family

You and husband Jamie also named your second daughter Jamie Lynn. Just saying.

Lynne Spears, who was picking up groceries at a local store on Sunday, said "hopefully" Britney will make it to a family cookout in their hometown for the 4th of July.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears was - take a guess - spending a weekend in L.A., going out Friday night with girlfriends to club Les Deux but appearing subdued as she chatted and danced.

On Sunday she spoke to reporters about Shar Jackson's BFF her mother outside Sushi House Unico in Bel Air, where she had dined alone on edamame and coffee.

"I'm praying for her right now. [I hope] she gets all the help she needs," Britney Spears said.

Ouch! Whether the two can overcome their differences, she said:

"In time, who knows what will happen?"

Britney Spears also insinuated that she likely would not go to her native Kentwood for the holiday, saying:

"I don't know. I like it here."

Well, alright then.

A few days earlier, on Thursday, Spears was snapped by paparazzi handing her mother a piece of paper reported to be a request from an out-of-state lawyer.

According to TMZ, the letter asked that Lynne stay away from Spears' sons Sean Preston, 21 months, and Jayden James, 9 months, if she is taking any medications. Real normal.

As for what may be behind the long rift that left Lynne Spears "brokenhearted," a family friend told People: "I think Britney is angry that her family got involved in getting her into rehab."

Heck, wouldn't you be? She's totally fine on her own, y'all!

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