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Elisabeth Hasselbeck took time out from waving the U.S. flag and talking about staying the course in Iraq to give a ringing endorsement of her new co-host on The View.

"I loved working with Whoopi Goldberg," said the pregnant Hasselbeck at Super Saturday in Watermill, N.Y., during a fundraiser for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

"She is soulful, has a world of experience to bring to the table, and I don't sense any sort of political agenda. She's so funny, but at the same time, she is one of the most thoughtful people that I've met."

Last week, The Hollywood Gossip learned that Sherri Shepherd and Whoopi Goldberg would soon be announced as Elisabeth's co-hosts on The View.

Hasselbeck's comments seem to be in direct contrast to her feelings about Rosie O'Donnell, with whom she famously clashed on political issues.

O'Donnell abruptly left the show in May.

Meanwhile, with her latest baby bump clearly visible, Elisabeth Hasselbeck herself will likely take maternity leave from the show in a matter of months.

"The pregnancy is going well," Elisabeth Hasselbeck said.

"Today, with the heat, I'm sweating. But this is the first time I've actually felt pregnant. I feel really great. I pay less attention to the pregnancy the second time around, because I have a daughter, I'm busy with another child."

Asked if Barbara Walters is also a fan of Goldberg, Hasslebeck said, "You'd have to ask Barbara. But I'm sure she is. Who isn't into Whoopi Goldberg? She's an amazing person."

You know who's really into Whoopi? Paris Hilton. Think about it.

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Joe Simpson loves talking about Jessica Simpson nude.

In the past, the pop singer's father would brag about his daughter's giant boobs. This time? A recent role she was supposedly offered for a movie.

Jessica Simpson, Middle Finger

"The last script that came to us was for Jessica to be a porn star," Crazy Joe Simpson, told People at Thursday's ABC Television Critics Association party in Beverly Hills.

"We were promised we would win an Oscar with that," the parent claimed. "I was like, ‘Eh, we'll just buy a [statue of a] little man and keep our clothes on.' "

Sure, Joe. Jessica is just that much classier than Vanessa Minnillo nude, huh? Too bad for you she's the one now making Nick Lachey happy.

Since she shot to fame in 2003 with Lachey on MTV's Newlyweds Simpson has been receiving quirky TV-show proposals "every day," according to her deranged father.

"We're pitched those a lot," he said. "There are a lot of cool ones, and a lot of really strange ones."

Considering the fact that Matt Leinart is receiving better movie roles than Jessica, perhaps the Simpsons should accept one of these supposed offers.

Currently, Papa Simpson is promoting ABC's fall series The Women's Murder Club, which he is producing with Rush Hour director Brett Ratner. No plans are underway for Jessica or her younger sister Ashlee Simpson to appear on the show.

"They're very busy, and they're happy," Joe Simpson says of his daughters. "Jessica has three more movies to shoot; she has a new record coming in September. If the right role came up, of course, we'd never turn that down."

But, apparently, it can't involve any Jessica Simpson nude scenes. We don't know why she can't just be more like Lucy Pinder.

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Sports Illustrated has had Beyonce.

Playboy has had Holly Madison, Garcelle Beauvais, Amanda Beard and, soon, Kimberly Bell.

But, in an upset, Arena is starting to look like the magazine with the most beautiful pictures.

A few months ago, Avril Lavigne and Keeley Hazell went topless for a photo shoot. We liked looking at their boobs.

Now, though, the publication has entered a new arena of hotness. In the same upcoming issue, there are pictures of Heidi Klum nude AND Megan Fox looking as gorgeous as ever.

It's a tough combination of beauty, one that even pics of Whitney Port and Lindsay Lohan nude within the same pages couldn't top.

Megan Fox in Arena

Another Megan Fox photo, another few minutes of drooling uncontrollably for guys everywhere.

So, congratulations to Arena for setting a new, unreachable level of attraction for its celebrity pictures. We can only hope to come close to it some day.

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After a stunning pictorial in Stuff magazine, readers have been clamoring for Katharine McPhee nude photos.

We're sorry to say we haven't come across any yet, but the pics below prove that Britney Spears isn't the only celebrity who can flash her goodies from time to time.

Katharine McPhee Bikini Pic

Of course, with Britney Spears crotch shots, there's rarely any underwear involved.

Fortunately for kids watching Jay Leno last week, though, this American Idol runner-up did remember her undergarments. But we doubt she had planned on showing them off to viewers at home.

During a performance of her new song "Love Story," the woman who should have knocked off Taylor Hicks got a bit carried away during the rendition. There were no Paris Hilton pussy-like mishaps, but there was this revealing still shot:

Katharine McPhee bounces away during a recent performance.

No doubt about it, McPhee is hot. Next to the recent Heidi Klum nude pics in Arena magazine, these are some of our favorite celebrity photos from the week.

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Yesterday, we brought you photos of Lauren Conrad and her new mystery man and asked for help in identifying this tall, handsome devil. A couple of you think you have done it.

Rumor has it that Lauren's newest "accessory" is Josh McRoberts, a former Duke basketball standout chosen by the Portland Trail Blazers with the 37th pick in the 2007 NBA Draft.

So far, photo evidence that Josh McRoberts is the fellow seen with LC is inconclusive. See the pictures below, of him playing Georgia Tech... and playing the field with our girl in L.A...

My, sports and celebrity gossip continue to intertwine. Although we're happy to be writing about a possible young romance for a change, and not the war or words / baby mama drama surrounding Matt Leinart and ex-girlfriend Brynn Cameron.

Or the disgrace to humanity that is Michael Vick.

Anyway. College basketball fans may recall that despite his stature and natural talent, the 6'10" McRoberts was often thought of as a soft player at Duke... Lauren Conrad robably hopes he isn't a soft player when it comes to her. If you know what we mean!

Fans, The Hollywood Gossip needs your help. How do you know for sure that this is Josh McRoberts? We're obviously curious. Leave a comment with the info you've got - and help our eager celebrity news reporters be the first to get The Hills scoop!

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As Usher and Tameka Foster continue to cancel weddings, Eddie Murphy will now be planning another one. The actor proposed to girlfriend Tracey Edmonds with a huge yellow diamond engagement ring this past week.

Of course, the couple now hopes its relationship goes better than Eddie's previous one with Melanie Brown. That union ended with a DNA test and some mean words exchanged between the former lovers. Oh, and a baby.

Meanwhile, Murphy's first wedding to Nicole Mitchell in 1993 was the sort of lavish $1.5 million affair that we're guessing Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt dream about; it's ranked in the top ten most expensive celeb weddings of all time by Forbes.

This one, a friend told OK! magazine, "will be a private wedding. Something low key and very romantic."

That statement may get lost in the pages of OK!, however, as readers focus on the crazy Britney Spears meltdown instead.

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As Usher fans celebrated the fact that their man did not go through with marrying Tameka Foster, celebrity gossip outlets were left with one question: Why?!?

At issue, reportedly, were family disagreements and the event itself.

Tameka Picture

"Usher's mother [and former manager, Jonetta Patton, whom he fired in May] is against the wedding. That is one of the main obstacles," a source told People magazine, who also added: "They only decided two weeks ago to have a wedding. They wanted to have it take place before the baby bump started showing."

Right. That's always awkward. The couple could not pull it off, though - and now the canceled wedding is getting almost as much attention as the Lindsay Lohan drunk driving case.

Usher and Foster, a stylist, also "had a lot of differences about the details. For example, the bride wanted barbeque, [and] he wanted to have [renowned chef] Jean Georges cook," said the source.

As a result of the differences, the wedding "was on again off again for the past few days. [Foster] was calling it off because she wasn't getting the things that she wanted. The mother was calling it off. ... Usher was calling it off."

Heck, Kate Middleton even called it off. Just kidding.

On Saturday, only hours before the afternoon ceremony was to take place at the Southampton, N.Y., estate of music mogul L.A. Reid, Usher's publicist Patti Webster issued the following statement:

"It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected."

According to the New York Post, the 70 to 100 guests who needed to be informed there was to be no wedding included couples Beyoncé and Jay Z, as well as Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri.

"The tents were up," an insider said. "And they paid all of the people, the vendors, so that wasn't an issue. ... Hotel rooms were an issue. Janet [Jackson] was coming, but she had eight security people. Ashanti and Nelly were coming."The source added that it was a possibility that the wedding may still come off. On Saturday, however, Webster would not comment on whether Usher and Foster were still engaged or even remained a couple.

So, fans, do you think these two will make it to the altar? Or are they headed the way of Diddy and Kim Porter instead?

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Remember that piece of celebrity gossip we revealed about two hours ago?

It's been taken back. All of a sudden, People magazine is reporting that Usher and Tameka Foster are no longer getting married today.

Originally planned for this in New York's Hamptons region, the event has been canceled, a representative for Usher confirms.

A source also says that the 70 to 100 guests who were expected at the wedding are being advised that the event will not take place as originally planned. We haven't been this off guard by a turn of event since Nick Lachey nude photos hit the Web.

But, seriously, folks: In a statement to the Associated Press, publicist Patti Webster said:

"It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected."

So are they still engaged? Still seeing each other?

We have no further information on the matter at this time. But, fear not, readers: We'll provide you with this answer, along with the identity of that dude tanging the heck out of Lauren Conrad, as soon as we know more.

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Doggone it, Michael Vick is in deep crap.

Bad plays on words aside, the troubled, disturbed Atlanta Falcons quarterback is being called out by his endorsement partners for his alleged role in a dogfighting ring.

The Washington Post reports that Michael Vick has been suspended from endorsement deals with Nike, Reebok and a trading card company, thanks to the federal dogfighting indictment against him.

Gosh, no one has had this much trouble with an animal since Usher and Tameka Foster.

This week, Nike suspended Michael Vick without pay, saying in a statement:

"Nike is concerned by the serious, highly disturbing allegations made against Michael Vick, and we consider any cruelty to animals inhumane and abhorrent."

Perhaps bowing to pressure from groups like PETA, the Nike vowed to stop selling Michael Vick-related products but will not to terminate his contact until his case is filed.

Reebok, meanwhile, opted to stop selling Vick's jersey, as has the NFL, which has suspended sales of Vick's #7 jersey. Donruss trading card company has also yanked Vick's card.

Don't worry, fans. You can still get Matt Leinart trading cards! Brynn Cameron may take issue with his parenting, but you don't see Leinart standing around watching pit bulls get hosed down and strapped into crude electrocution devices, do you?

No, you don't.

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We don't know who this dude is with Lauren Conrad.

We also have no idea when or where these pics were taken, or even who sent them to us. But if you want real news, go watch Elisabeth Hasselbeck and pals on The View.


This is a celebrity gossip site, people. That being said, random, anonymous emails containing unauthenticated Lauren Conrad photos are good enough for us.

In any case, here's LC and her mystery man in the back of a taxi cab. LC appears to be upset or confused over something… perhaps the fare was a tad higher than she'd hoped? The cab driver also looks distressed. Maybe he ran over Britney Spears‘ new puppy?

She could just be drunk, of course, and if she is, we applaud her. Why? She is taking a cab! What a concept! One that Paris, Nicole and Lindsay Lohan would never consider. Bitches.

Moving on. Below, here are Lauren and this gentleman again, most likely on their way in or out of one of the hottest Hollywood clubs, such as Hyde or Les Deux.

While Lauren Conrad is clearly trying to hide herself from throngs of celebrity news photographers, her escort seems to soak it in. Looks like a nice fellow.

Any ideas, readers? Who is this guy? Is he the same guy as was seen with our girl when in those LC bikini photos last week? Are you looking forward to The Hills or what!?

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