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Get ready, impressionable readers. Fans ages 13-19 can vote for their favorites in the Teen Choice Awards, to be announced August 26. Fans can vote here for their choices.

Not surprisingly, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, House, Lost, Prison Break, The Hills and American Idol led the way. We'll have the full list of nominees for you when get it. For now, the TV nominees:

Drama series: "Grey's Anatomy," "Heroes," "House," "Lost," "Kyle XY."

Comedy series: "Hannah Montana," "Desperate Housewives," "Entourage," "The Office," "Ugly Betty."

Animated series: "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," "Family Guy," "Lil' Bush," "South Park," "The Simpsons."

Reality show: "American Idol," "America's Next Top Model," "Dancing With the Stars," "The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll," "The Hills."

Dramatic actor: Hugh Laurie of "House," Jared Padalecki of "Supernatural," Matthew Fox of "Lost," Milo Ventimiglia of "Heroes," Wentworth Miller (above) of "Prison Break."

Dramatic actress: Emily Deschanel of "Bones," Evangeline Lilly of "Lost," Hayden Panettiere of "Heroes," Jennifer Love Hewitt of "Ghost Whisperer," Katherine Heigl of "Grey's Anatomy."

Comedy actor: Adrian Grenier of "Entourage," Charlie Sheen of "Two and a Half Men," David Spade of "Rules of Engagement," Neil Patrick Harris of "How I Met Your Mother," Steve Carell of "The Office."

Comedy actress: Emma Roberts of "Unfabulous," Miley Cyrus of "Hannah Montana," Tia D. Mowry of "The Game," America Ferrera (below, left) of "Ugly Betty," Eva Longoria of "Desperate Housewives."

TV sidekick: Donald Faison of "Scrubs," Allison Mack of "Smallville," Jorge Garcia of "Lost," Kevin Dillon of "Entourage," Jerry Ferrara of "Entourage."

TV personality: Nick Cannon of "Wild 'N Out," Ryan Seacrest of "American Idol" and E!, Simon Cowell of "American Idol," Tyra Banks of "America's Next Top Model," Bruno Tonioli of "Dancing With the Stars."

Breakout show: "Ugly Betty," "Friday Night Lights," "October Road," "Heroes," "South of Nowhere."

Breakout: America Ferrera of "Ugly Betty," Matt Dallas of "Kyle XY," Taylor Kitsch of "Friday Night Lights," Hayden Panettiere of "Heroes," Masi Oka of "Heroes."

Male reality TV star: Apolo Anton Ohno of "Dancing With the Stars," Flavor Flav of "Flavor of Love," Jojo, Diggy, Russy of "Run's House," Sanjaya Malakar of "American Idol," Three 6 Mafia of "Adventures in Hollyhood."

Female reality TV star: Jaslene Gonzalez of "America's Next Top Model," Jordin Sparks (below, right) of "American Idol," Lauren Conrad of "The Hills," New York of "I Love New York," Paris Hilton of "The Simple Life."

Villain: Michael Rosenbaum as Lex on "Smallville," Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina on "Ugly Betty," Zachary Quinto as Sylar on "Heroes," Michael Emerson as Ben on "Lost," Robert Knepper as Theodore Bagwell on "Prison Break."

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Maybe they managed to get ahold of the Nick Lachey-Vanessa Minnillo sex tape before we could. Or not. But reports say Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent are now working on a racy single for 50's new album about (what else) watching porn.

The pair wrote the track - currently titled "Ayo Technology" - earlier this year after producer Timbaland introduced them.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper:

"The track is an analogy for watching porn. The word "technology"was put in as a way to replace what they really wanted to say - pornography."

Wow, so clever. Sounds like a plan Spencer Pratt would hatch.

"It's all about being fed up with having to make do watching dirty movies and how desperate they are to have real-life stunning girls."

Coming from a guy who has been with Britney Spears (at her peak, mind you, not the 2005-2007 model), Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel? That's not unrealistic at all.

Nevertheless, Justin Timberlake and 50 Cent - real name Curtis Jackson - will reportedly film a music video for the song this weekend with Los Angeles director Joseph Khan.

In a plot that sounds lamer than Independence Day, it will see the pair star as sex-obsessed secret agents who spy on women. The source said:

"[50 and Justin Timberlake] will wear hi-tech gadgets and night-vision goggles which enable them to see through the girls' clothes."

"It's a cat and mouse situation with car chases and gadgets galore but spying on the girls is the main theme. It will be creepy and sinister. They are going to push the envelope."

The track, which is set to be retitled "She Wants It," will be featured on 50's upcoming album, Curtis, which is due out in September.

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The Hollywood Gossip would like to take a moment to send birthday greetings to the land of the free and home of the brave. America, happy 231st!

What better way to celebrate than with barbecues, fireworks and a little celebrity gossip?

The Hills Star

Well, regardless of how you feel about the last part, we decided that today, we'd pay tribute to one of our favorite stars: An All-American sweetheart, Lauren Conrad.

We came across an article in the New York Times about Lauren and her emerging hit series, The Hills, that sums up brilliantly why millions of viewers have fallen in love with the girl next door known simply as LC.

Below is the Times' take on Lauren the mogul ...

For three years, MTV tried to get viewers to fall in love with Lauren Conrad, the star of the Laguna Beach and The Hills. Wary, watchful, and sometimes cheerless Lauren made audience adoration unlikely.

But that was before the second season of The Hills, when Lauren appeared in a sweet and lonely scene, sorting laundry in her Los Angeles apartment.

There was a mountain of unironed clothes and there was the unassuming Lauren Conrad, a fashion student who would later start her own fashion line, focused solely on folding.

As she brought the straps of an overworn lilac tank top in line with its hem, as if it were fine linen, she was suddenly adorable. She was Lauren, Laundress of Reality TV.

At least a million viewers per episode had, at last, found love.

The diligent Lauren Conrad punched into the reality TV world three years ago, and with Season 3 of The Hills set for late summer, her shift's not over yet.

After starring in Laguna Beach for two seasons, and then in her very own Hills, which chronicles her travails as an intern at Teen Vogue, Lauren has, without fanfare, turned her young adult life over to scrutiny.

LC writes on her official site of her initial venture into exhibitionism, which largely showed her nervous and heartbroken:

"It turned out to be a cool experience. It changed us all in a good way, and I feel fortunate to have my own personal video yearbook of those great times."

It's surprising her memories are so fond, as she has often seemed like the loser on her shows. After falling for a surfer on Laguna Beach, she lost him to breezy Kristin Cavallari.

On the first season of The Hills, she gave up a once-in-a-career Paris internship so she could spend the summer fighting with deadbeat boyfriend Jason Wahler.

Continue Reading...

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Britney Spears, a.k.a. "Queen B," has finally apologized for her crazy, umbrella bashing ways. Yes, America's most insane pop princess penned a funny note to the celebrity photo agency upon which she infamously unleashed rage en route to rehab in February.

The text of Britney's note to X17 reads:

Britney Spears Hairstyle

Dear X17,
I want to apologize for the past incident with the umbrella. I was preparing a character for a possible movie role where the husband doesn't play his part so they swap places. Unfortunately I didn't get the part. I'm sorry I got a l'il carried away with my role!


Huh? Someone was considering Britney Spears for a movie role? This gossip blog is stunned she didn't get it... although with the shaved head she was rocking at the time of the incident, she could've passed for a dude. Of course, she would still have to act.

Regardless, we're guessing she wishes she could use that umbrella on some people in her life right now. Better watch your back, Lynne Spears.

In other news, the same celebrity news provider is reporting that Britney may release her newest single - from the new album she's working on - as soon as... this Saturday.

Do we believe this for a second? No. Would a lucky release date of 7-7-07 be enough to propel Britney Spears back atop the charts? Doubtful. Will we stay tuned? You know it.

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We love Hilary Duff. We made that clear in a post yesterday.

So you can understand our surprise at the sight of the starlet leading the way at the hot Hollywood club Joseph's ... for playboy Brody Jenner!

Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne Picture

Brody Jenner, of course, has been romantically linked to Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and God only knows who else.

He's a himbo in every sense of the made-up word. We just hope - maybe pray, even - that Jenner and Duff are just friends! And that his pal Spencer Pratt is AWOL.

Nice plaid shirt with cutoff sleeves, Brody, you loser. Not even a player as big as him can pull off this look, straight out of the Britney Spears school of fashion.

Earlier in the day, Hilary Duff and her BFF and big sister, Haylie Duff, spent the day eating and shopping in Beverly Hills â€" they picked up some lingerie at Faire Frou Frou (ooooh), dropped some coin at Barney's New York and lunched at the trendy Newsroom cafe.

Sigh. It's tough being a Duff! Hilary or Haylie! But boy, how we love 'em.

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You've heard all the celebrity gossip by now:

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo nude photos are on the way. Maybe even a sex tape.

Nick and Nessa

Pick your jaws up off the floor, fellas, and take a look at the pictures below. They were published in Life & Style magazine, a possible precursor to even racier photos to come. If there's anything that can push a Nicole Richie pregnancy off the front pages, it's this.

Here's a quick recap of this alluring news: Lachey and Minnillo were on vacation in Mexico. They assumed they were alone. They proceeded to have the sort of sex in a hot tub that would make Olivia Mojica blush.

Reportedly, the couple has agreed to an exclusive interview with the aforementioned publication in exchange for keeping the lewd pics private. We hope this isn't true, of course. As hot as recent Katharine McPhee pictures from Stuff magazine are, they'd be nothing compared to Minnillo in the buff.

Unlike images of Kim Kardashian nude - which are as common as Britney Spears' nightly jaunts to Hollywood clubs - Vanessa isn't seen naked nearly as often. Here's to hoping that soon changes.

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In 1976, if you told 14-year-old seminary student Thomas Cruise Mapother IV that one day he would become one of the top movie stars of all time, he probably would've laughed.

(Then jumped on a couch like a maniac and told you that his true ambition was to go bat$h!t and impregnate a hot young actress with the spawn of Scientology).

Taking the Questions

Just kidding. But the man who grew up wanting to be a priest certainly has had quite the career. Since bursting onto the scene in Risky Business a quarter of a century ago, he's appeared in countless hit films across many genres and become a mega-star.

Still perhaps underrated as an actor, Tom Cruise is best known for being insane as well as good looking. Once married to Nicole Kidman, he has moved on to Katie Holmes, forming one of the weirdest celebrity couples (and best couple names) ever in TomKat.

But for all his quirks, the 45-year-old Tom seems content raising baby daughter Suri Cruise and hanging out with weird friends such as Leah Remini, Jada Pinkett Smith, and David and Victoria Beckham. All is well. For a man we give massive amounts of crap to, he's not all bad, even if he has a few screws loose.

Don't ever accuse this celebrity news site of biting the hands that feed it. We are grateful for all the entertainment value - and good movies - that he's given us over the years.

So happy birthday, Tom Cruise, you lovable ol' nut. Hope you enjoy a nice dinner out with some robotic friends and your possessed wife.

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Here's some celebrity news we definitely maybe saw coming a mile away.

Nicole Richie is pregnant.

Yes, it's true. The pregnancy rumors have been swirling for weeks, but many believed the "bump" Nicole Richie has sported to be merely a sign of malnutrition.

Not that one could be blamed for assuming that. Nicole Richie hates food.

But as of this afternoon, the gossip sleuths at TMZ have officially confirmed that Richie is pregnant.

The starlet has been dating Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden for over six months. Rumors have been running rampant on the Internets for months that Richie and Madden are expecting, but TMZ confirmed through multiple sources that she is, in fact, pregnant.

Congratulations! And gross!

In Touch is reporting that the couple will tie the knot this summer. Meanwhile, Nicole Richie is currently facing DUI charges stemming from her arrest last December.

The Simple Life "star" was found driving the wrong way on the freeway while on Vicodin and pot. She weighed 85 pounds at the time, and may have lost 5-10 since.

Pregnant or not, Nicole Richie will go on trial July 11. If convicted, she faces jail time. Will the poor baby inside her womb get her off the hook? Who knows.

One thing's for sure, though: Britney Spears must be psyched about this news: in nine months, she won't be the worst celebrity mother in town.

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Katharine McPhee is gorgeous.

A recent poll placed McPhee above beauties such as Tricia Helfer, so this isn't exactly groundbreaking news. But it's nice to be reminded with the pictures below, isn't it?

The second-place finisher on last year's American Idol has one thing in common with this year's runner-up, Blake Lewis: neither are hard on the eyes.

And perhaps Blake should turn his attention away from Jordin Sparks or Antonella Barba and onto this talented singer. Here are excerpts from an interview McPhee recently gave Stuff magazine:

On being McNaughty and McNice:
"There are different sides of me. On American Idol, people saw the side that is very professional and put together. But there's this other side of me that's outgoing, energetic, and wildâ€"and did really stupid things in college."

On dating older men (her boyfriend, Broadway actor Nick Cokas, is 42):
"When I turned 21, I thought it was a good age to explore. You're no longer a teenager, so it's OK [to date older guys]. I gravitated toward them, and I love them. They're just wiser, and they're less about themselves and more about you."

On her new album cover:
"People made a big deal out of that. They said, ‘She's a slut, blah, blah, blah.' But I'm really not showing that much skin. It's all suggested."

* The Hollywood Gossip note: it's okay, Katharine. Those people were probably just referring to Lindsay Lohan.

Half Nude Katharine McPhee

On what younger men need to know about women:
"Women sometimes act out, and men get frustrated. They don't get that all we want is, for a few seconds, for you to be all about the girl - to snuggle her and give her kisses and tell her ‘Your lips are so pretty today. I love your lips.'"

On being popular with the fellas:
"I was prematurely developed. As a freshman I looked like a junior; I had boobs. Some of the older kids saw me in the yearbook and said I was cute."

On settling down:
"Oh yeah. I want to have, like, 15 babies. I've always wanted to be pregnant. One year for Halloween, I decided to be pregnant, so I got this nun costume, and I put a big belly under it. I showed my parents and said I want to go to school as a pregnant nun. My dad sat me down and said, "Katharine, you can't!"

Oh, but Nicole Richie can!

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Hulk Hogan can't be trusted to dish out very good insight.

After all, he allows his daughter Brooke Hogan to dress in clothing that Britney Spears might not even be caught wearing in clubs.

Hulk and his Ladies

So that what Hogan had to say about Chris Benoit with a steroids-laden grain of salt.

"He was peaceful and kept to himself," Hogan said to Us Magazine.

Hogan, who last saw Benoit in March, says he wonders what pushed the wrestler over the edge. But he has this unique theory:

"I think it had to be something personal, a domestic problem between him and his wife."

That wife, Nancy Benoit, had a darker side. The Hulkster concluded:

"She was into devil-worship stuff. It was part of her [wrestling] character, but [she was] somebody who gets so close to their character, someone who gets into their character too much. Sometimes these people believe their own publicity."

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