On Second Thought: Usher and Tameka Foster NOT to Get Married Today

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Remember that piece of celebrity gossip we revealed about two hours ago?

It's been taken back. All of a sudden, People magazine is reporting that Usher and Tameka Foster are no longer getting married today.

Originally planned for this in New York's Hamptons region, the event has been canceled, a representative for Usher confirms.

A source also says that the 70 to 100 guests who were expected at the wedding are being advised that the event will not take place as originally planned. We haven't been this off guard by a turn of event since Nick Lachey nude photos hit the Web.

But, seriously, folks: In a statement to the Associated Press, publicist Patti Webster said:

"It was announced today that the wedding ceremony for Usher Raymond IV and Tameka Foster was canceled. No additional information will be given regarding the circumstances of the cancellation, but we hope the privacy of this matter will be respected."

So are they still engaged? Still seeing each other?

We have no further information on the matter at this time. But, fear not, readers: We'll provide you with this answer, along with the identity of that dude tanging the heck out of Lauren Conrad, as soon as we know more.

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Baby get married only if thats where your heart is. Baby JUST make sure you are making the right decision. NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR MOM. bay do your thang stay real love ya usher.


First off all she had 2 many kids,she needed to be someone her own age and she is not cute at all.I think he could of found a single women maybe with 1 child a bit younger. She appears to to be abit pushy and I hope Usher had enough sense to make her sign a prenup!


Remember Mom always knows what is best for her baby!!! and this is one time you will regret that you did not listen to her.


I think Usher was under pressure to go through with this marrage since his reputation of dogging out women anyway is very well known. If he would of walked away from this relationship his singing days would of been over or maybe he would of turned into a blues singer>>>>>>>>>


Good I say! She has entirely too much baggage, I see why Usher's mom doesn't like her. Just more drama to get him involved that's all. Having all that baggage isn't classy at all especially if she calls herself a lady, good riddens!


Maybe he understood what he might go through like I did with Britney...Drama


sorry to see a beautiful engagement wrecked by WHORE AMERICA no wonder the world hates this racist whore! usher if u love her, marry her, she is the perfect one for u, not whore america which is so retarded, they cant even elect a competent president white folk are nothing to admire moreless the media


He is probably better off, at least there is still sometime to see the light. I hope this is permanent, she is too old, too ugly and has way too many kids.