Newport Harbor: The (New) Real Orange County

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Haven't gotten your fill of privileged white kids becoming famous for no other reason than for being privileged white kids? Well, then boy are you in luck!

In under a month, Laguna Beach returns… only it's no longer Laguna Beach. It essentially is, only it takes place in a different O.C. locale. Yeah, we're confused too.

In any event, Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County might offer some new scenery, but from the looks of the trailer, the plot elements are pretty much the same.

  • Scheming blonde giant (cough, Brooke Hogan)? Check.
  • Pretty, smart, has-it-all girl with vivacious personality (cough, Kristin Cavallari)? Check.
  • Meek, kinda pathetic girl who doesn't do a lot (cough, Jessica Smith)? You got it.
  • Hunky, shirtless white dudes who mumble a lot and act as foils for the much more interesting girls (cough, Jason Wahler)? Checkmate!

Say goodbye to these Laguna Beach peeps (from last season) and say hello to a whole new crop of upper-class snobby hotties from Newport Harbor! Woohoo!

The surreality unfurls in Newport Harbor on Wednesday, August 15 on MTV. The relocation to the new Orange County city is due in part to a complete network overhaul under the control of new programming chief Tony DiSanto.

Within his new rules, DiSanto has commissioned longer series of some shows and shorter ones of others. Among his moves was to virtually double the run for the hit Laguna Beach spin-off, The Hills, commissioning an 18-episode series.

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To RR: I know him, he works at PL. We met once at the gym, its all about money. He can easily be bought and he will play on the side - well known for that. He got a little one, kind of bent too, LOL. (Ron Rocha, Ronald Rocha)


Okay, the Real OC. Lets give it to you. Ronald Rocha, aka: Ron Rocha, is gay. He works in Newport Beach, lied to all his friends that he was not gay, had several affairs with men, is getting divorices from Desire and dog gonit, he is gay and has been living a lye to us all. There, its done.


I thought the show was pretty lame


the newport harbor girls are nasty. Taylor is the prettiest one..and she's very plain looking aside from the long blonde hair.
the guys are cheesy as hell, too


wow. I love how we have "real" Newport Harbor students fighting on this blog. haha. its hilarious.


TO "newport harbor student as welllll":
I do have a social life but my goals in life are not stealing my best friend's boyfriend or talking trash on my other friends.
If you believe that how people are presented here is the way EVERYONE at Newport lives their lives, then you are closing yourself to the real world. Grow up.


Newport Harbor Student what do you believe is a real student at newport harbor. Someone going to harvard with their straight a' they want drama, which is real at newport harbor i don't know if you have much of a social life, but they are relating these girls to any high school, they are all the same.


what a ridiculous show I KNOW for a fact that what they will present in this show is nothing like how newport harbor students live their lives it is ridiculous and it angers me that they relate such a great school with these people. How sad.


"It's not a whole new cast, they are the same kids from the last season, check your info before you post something!!!" actually it is a new cast SMH next time u should jus keep ur mouth closed


It's not a whole new cast, they are the same kids from the last season, check your info before you post something!!!

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