Meet Chelsea Handler, Celebrity News Aficionado

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Chelsea Handler dishes out all the latest celebrity news, rumors and gossip for E! So you know she's in the good books at The Hollywood Gossip.

Part Sarah Silverman, part Kathy Griffin and all sass, E!'s resident funny lady is kicking off her second season at the network as host of Chelsea Lately, a nightly chat fest recapping some of day's most salacious gossip and celebrity news.

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With week one's guest list boasting bold-facers like Shar Jackson, Bai Ling and Scott Baio, Lately is one show we're anxious to stay up past our bedtime for.

Us Weekly recently talked to Handler during a break from rehearsals for Chelsea Lately, which premieres tonight at 11:30 p.m. Here's her scoop.

Us: What's the deal with Chelsea Lately?
Chelsea Handler: We want to have really current about the celebrity news of the day and be able to talk about what happened on TV last night. I want people to do ridiculous interviews. I want the guy who stayed next door to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at some hotel in Italy or the concierge who's willing to get fired after he gives us an interview.

Us: How did Paris Hilton's lies to chat with Larry King rate?
Chelsea Handler: Even what she wants to talk about she doesn't know how to talk about, so I don't want to waste people's time by having interviews like that when people are promoting something. I don't want my show to be a stop on their press tour, I want it to be a stop after their tour is over, their movie opened and it tanked. I want people to come on and have nothing to lose, because I'm not worried about people coming back.

THG NOTE: We're looking forward to the Britney Spears appearance already!

Us: The show will fit well in E!'s summer lineup.
Chelsea Handler: This is just what E! needed - some late night thing to zap off the rest of the day. All they're doing is reporting on the silly things that happen with Hollywood gossip all day and we're missing someone closing the night out. Late night's better for me because I can get away with a lot more. It's a perfect marriage.

Us: Lastly, what types of topics are you most anxious to discuss?
Chelsea Handler: I'm actually looking forward to a new wave of jackasses. With Lindsay Lohan, Paris and Britney, I'm running out of material. I'm ready for a Hayden Panettiere or Hannah Montana [Miley Cyrus] to step up to the plate. I'm bored and I'd like to move on!


How did I find you? You make me laugh every night. I love you and Heather together.


Love your show Chelsea Handler, you know the people your talking at that time of night... and thanks so much for not talking about birt... seeings how I have been thou kind of the same thing she has but I did not have all of cali trying to get it on tape. would like to talk to you or get a pvt. email just to give some of my insite on this.. You took and really big stand in not talking about her the more you feed her the more she loves it , invite her on the show and go from their , you got it in you I have seen you deal with alot of nasty people.. love your show I DVR IT EVERY NIGHT...O and I tryed to see that show fridaynights but you lack in telling people where to find it ect time and dates...Much Love to you my fellow Heb. Mama!


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Chelsea Handler dishes out all the latest celebrity news and gossip for E! So she is all good by us. She's kind of attractive, as well.... More »
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