Mary-Louise Parker Nude, Advertising for Weeds

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We hope Mary-Louise Parker doesn't receive any flak for posing naked in the ad below.

Some may fault the actress for trying to draw attention to her show, Weeds, by simply taking off her clothes. But, hey, at least she has a purpose for doing this, aside from simply drawing attention to her bare self.

Yes, we're looking at Katie Price nude as we say that.

Parker first gained the attention of The Hollywood Gossip staff during her stint on The West Wing. To many others, though, it's her starring turn on Weeds that's truly garnering this talent the acclaim she deserves.

And we're not even referring to the ass that makes that of Kim Kardashian look even more gigantic by comparison.

Tired of stories about Lindsay Lohan? So are we. Let's appreciate Mary-Louise Parker naked instead for now.

If you're pretty and skillful at your trade, we see no reason in not flaunting the former in order to help people notice the latter. That's the philosophy a nude Amanda Beard took when she posed for Playboy.

And we guess it's the same reasoning Barry Bonds' mistress, Kimberly Bell, is using. Although she's not really pretty or skillful.

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