Mariska Hargitay Celebrates Son's First Birthday

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Lest you think we're a biased celebrity gossip blog that only pays attention to the most well-known babies, here is a photo of Mariska Hargitary and her adorable tyke August.

Granted, the star of Law & Order: SVU is beloved by fans of that show, but she isn't exactly at the level of Angelina Jolie; nor is August as famous a little one as Shiloh Nouvel.

Mariska Hargitay Pic

But we're doing our best to change that!

Mariska Hargitay shows what being a good mother is all about. We hope the pregnant Tameka Foster is paying attention.

While Jayden James Federline isn't even allowed to see his maternal grandmother at the moment, August was surrounded by friends and family in Central Park yesterday afternoon, including his father Peter Hermann and actress Debra Messing.

Another celebrity news source, Just Jared, caught Hargitary and company celebrating this occasion with August. They look like a happy family, don't think?

We can only hope Britney Spears is paying attention and realizes how kids need a close knit bond with their relatives. Those that fail to connect with them end up like, well, her.


she is funny and shiny and sunny bright, and talented.


she is a talented and beautyfull. She is funny.


I love this woman so badly. She is just absolutely perfect! She is not only beautiful and talented but sh is amazing as a human being!!! love little Gus !!! ♥


Mariska and her son are gorgeous. I love this actress not only by talent and beauty but especially by the character.