Lauren Conrad Spotted With Jason Wahler in L.A.

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Say it ain't so, LC. Please?

Audrina, Lauren and Lauren

The Hills star Lauren Conrad was reunited with her ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler, for a walk down Sunset Boulevard on Thursday in Los Angeles.

Wahler, 20, is said to be dating tennis player Katja Decker-Sadowski. He's also has been at Chapman House, Orange County's inpatient rehab facility.

Lauren Conrad, 21, has reportedly visited J-Wahl in rehab.

According to reports, MTV was filming portions of Season 3 of Lauren Conrad's hit MTV reality show, The Hills, which is due to air beginning in August.

Sadly, Jason and Lauren were seen side by side and deep in conversation during the recent taping, which occurred outside the eatery Ketchup.

LC's enemies, former BFF Heidi Montag and her conniving, slimy fiance, Spencer Pratt, were also spotted inside the restaurant. Sounds like night full of winners!

At least Josh Henderson was nowhere to be found. Although compared to the likes of Jason Wahler, perhaps we should be wishing he were on LC's arm.

For those of you not familiar with the dating history of LC and Jason, they broke up when he cheated on her with ex Jessica Smith... then again on Season 2 of The Hills.

Wahler has since been arrested four times ... in four different states!


i think they are just friends


I agree with you m.j brown. I love Jason, not so much a fan of L.C. she's to "good" i swear shes hiding something. Lol anywho its really easy for people to put down jason or anyone like him for that matter, i mean hey we all drink, we all make mistakes, hes sort of famous so of course its going to see worse when he does it. We dont have the option to go out to fancy places and cause drama, im sure if i just happen to be around somewhere with cameras i would look like a fool to while drinking. Im glad hes made it through his trouble, alot of poeple dont, and some end up dead, so yay!! for Jason, keep your head up!


I...kind Jason Wahler...and sort of think that...he and Lauren Conrad are...meant to be together. His alcohol problem is what broke them up and what came between them. Now that he's sobered up...they're young, really young. And in the public eye. I was happy when I saw these pics of them.


I have not comment about LC and Jason reuniting. I like her top.


noooooooooooo, please nooooooooooooooooo, two doucebags in S3, noooooooooooooo, I don't think I can take it.

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