Kristin Cavallari Moves In With Nick Zano

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We officially hate Nick Zano.

Well, not really. He never did anything to us, and he doesn't come across like a sleazy, contemptible, acne-riddled dweeb like Spencer Pratt.

Kristin at the Salon

But we can't help but be a little jealous of Nick Zano after learning that former Laguna Beach cutie Kristin Cavallari, his girlfriend of a little less than a year, decided to move in with him.

Yes, Us Weekly reports that Kristin, who recently finished filming the new movie Spring Breakdown with Amy Poehler, moved her possessions into Zano's home recently.

"She's happy," says a pal of Kristin Cavallari.

Well, we would hope that precludes moving in with a guy. Kristin and Nick, who met on the set of a Revenge of the Nerds remake (which was later axed by the studio), have tattoos of each other's initials on their wrists, so you know this relationship is built to last!

"I've always wanted someone who's there for me," Kristin said a few months ago, and now that she's moved in with Nick Zano, she's gotten her wish!

Seriously, though, we're happy for them. Now all we need is for Lauren Conrad to meet a nice fellow and all things will be right in the Laguna universe.


nick zano is so hot =)


I am also in love with nick zano- he is the hottest man that ever walked on this earth!!!! I do not like Kristen very much- but Nick if she makes u happy than i am happy for u! i hope everything works out for u to- if that is what is in the future for u!!!!!


i am in love with nick zano and i can believe that he is going out with that thing! i hate her! but i love him .god, he would look better with anamda or someone else but NOT her!!! name if i was old enough 2 date him ... man i would do it in a heart beat!!! i love you nick


Good Job...they are a vey nice couple and i'm happy for them...



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