Kim Kardashian to Pose in Playboy

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Don't get too excited: we don't know yet whether or not you'll see Kim Kardashian nude in the pages of Playboy.

Then again, most of us have already seen this socialite's giant boobs and enormous backside anyway.

Nevertheless, that mean loser, Perez Hilton, is reporting that the amateur pornographer shot a pictorial for Playboy magazine Wednesday in Los Angeles.

Music video director Hype Williams was behind the lens. There's no word, however, on whether or not Kim will be totally in the buff - as a nude Amanda Beard and Garcelle Beauvais recently were within the publication's pages - or how much she was paid.

Playboy Model

Move over, Holly Madison nude. Kim Kardashian is about to pose in the magazine you helped make famous.

But perhaps this will inspire Paris Hilton to finally accept Hugh Hefner's offer. The Playboy owner has made it clear the lawbreaking heiress is welcome to get naked for the mag any time she wants. Maybe competition with Kardashian will push Paris in front of the camera.

Similarly, Antonella Barba still hasn't made up her mind about posing nude. We do recommend it, though.

After all, when was the last time you heard that name in celebrity gossip circles? The former American Idol star has to step it up (i.e. take it off) if she wants to remain in the news.

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