Hollywood Gossip Exclusive: Ex-Girlfriend of Simon Monjack Reveals Dark Side of Thief, Pathological Liar

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A tremendous con-artist.

A notorious fraud.

A pathological liar and thief.

A man with outstanding warrants for his arrest, who has faced deportation as well as myriad financial problems.

Simon Monjack, a.k.a. Con-Jack, has been accused of all this and more by our readers since he secretly wed actress Brittany Murphy in May.

But for all the rumors floating around about Simon Monjack, we've never gotten a first-hand account of his shady, irrational and sick behavior. That is, until today.

An ex-girlfriend of Simon Monjack tells The Hollywood Gossip exclusively - and on the condition of anonymity - some of the highlights (lowlights) of their relationship.

She hopes that the list of some of his actions "helps in setting the record straight... [Simon Monjack] is a nasty man and definitely not someone I would ever want to encounter again."

In an interview with The Hollywood Gossip, our source listed a few of the things Simon Monjack did and said in the two years she dated him.

  • He told me he owned the airline Air Jamaica and it was used primarily for drug and gun running
  • He told me he'd murdered someone in N.Y., and that's how he's linked to the DEA
  • He told me one of his daughters (illegitimate - by a French ambassador's wife - Veronique) was killed in a road accident in 1996. His mother confessed that this was a lie.
  • He robbed various people in the UK under a company he exploited called 'Support British Film'
  • He told me he was constantly tracked by the Customs & Excise in England - apparently he would tip them off about gun/drug smuggling on his aircraft and Air India.
  • This is perhaps the funniest. He told me he had a homosexual affair with Damian Hirst when they lived in N.Y. (Broom Street). When they broke up, Damian gave him a picture entitled "I Feel Fine." Simon's ex-wife, Marcia, had damaged the picture, so Simon repaired it with glue (!?)
  • He was frequently calling sex lines in Gambia.
  • Prior to moving to the US in 1996 he stole gold and diamond jewellery (and my engagement ring) from his grandmother and pawned it on Bond Street.
  • He assured a young L.A. film producer (John) that he could distribute his film (Simon was working for another fraudster - Harry Bloom?) but, in fact, took the guy's reels and stored them in his office
  • He told various neighbours and rental agents that we'd been married in Vegas so he was tight with cash and couldn't pay rent.
  • I can't begin to tell you how many cheques he's bounced.

And so it continues for Simon Monjack. Will Brittany Murphy see the light, or will she remain oblivious? Will Monjack's troubles with the law catch up with him in time? Stay tuned.

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How shocking...a phony...a talentless wanna be...a liar...a narcissist...a con-man...in the fake glamour capitol of the world Hollywood? How did this happen? How did he ever fit in...


now she is dead .......


Trevor you are Simon, who bought a $15000?? zirconia for your exwife in the UK.


Get therapy Dave! These two have been married for nearly a year and seem so happy. I think these guys who knew a girl that knew a guy who was married to a girl that once met Monjack are so funny! But, I guess they still keep the Monjack myth out there; so he's happy! I mean from human cloning to brain tumors to every law enforcement agency...come on its pathetic!! As for bouncing checks...he bought his wife a$500,000 engagement ring. You people need to stop the jealousy and claiming fame cause you met a guy who knew a girl who was kidnapped/married/abused/ by Monjack down the pub!!!


Ok! I do not know this man or if his trashy self is true. I do know I do not like him and Brit can do better. Dump him!


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.... Yep, the 1st wife is now an ex....happy for her and hope she can get on with her life now....


i think the ex should get over it and consentrate on her own partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SM is really a nightmare isn't he!! check out the response his mother got on: http://www.imnotobsessed.com/2...


This can be corroborated by ex that matters i.e. wife. will she do so, who has time for this nonsense. It is all true though.


The old anonymous ex-girlfriend interview!! This sounds reliable - omg who believes this s**t!

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