Heidi Montag Sucks, Supports Joe Francis

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What happens when attention is waning for celebrity pictures of you and your loser fiance?

If you're Heidi Montag, you try to remain in the spotlight by actually posing for a picture with someone other than Spencer Pratt for once.

The Land of the Free

And perhaps by fighting for an important cause, such as the freedom of Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis.

Seen below, Montag is standing with swimsuit designer Ashley Paige, as the latter launches her Swim and Sports Wear Collections during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami. And Paige in sporting a shirt that would make resident Hollywood Gossip writer, Free Britney, proud:

Heidi Montag stands alongside designer Ashley Paige, as the pair gives a shout out to prison dweller Joe Francis.

Free Joe, the shirt cries, as a picture of Francis beckons others to join in the fight. We're certainly inspired. After all, the Free Britney Spears campaign appears to have gone awry. That girl is way too free these days.

Attending the fashion show to watch Montag strut her spoiled stuff was Pratt, Jamie Lynn Sigler, Kim Kardashian, Tyson Beckford, Brandon Davis, DJ Clue, Chudney Ross and latin singer Ana Christina, among many others.

Somewhere, Joe Francis was thankful for the love. And probably dreaming of giant boobs.


Ashley's bikinis are so HOT! How is so b-r-o-k-e on her TV show?!?


WOW! Heidi you are disgusting. the fake boobs and face will NEVER compensate for the lack of talent you have. listened to ur song "fashion"...more like "TRASH!". dont u realize while ur making it that it SUCKS! u have no talent, i should be paid to watch u on tv, get off my screeen whore...may way for lauren..a girl with real talent


I can't wait for the hills to be cancelled so I never have to look at her face again


heidi is a total poser. I can't even take it. If Lauren wouldn't have brought her on the Hills she would be nothing. Talk about L.A. changing you. What will she do when the Hills are over. I guess catch her somewhere on North Hollywood!!


heidi considering you are younger than lauren you LOOK like you are totally 7 years OLDER than her....you are so much different now...gee,it's sooo sad to see because you changed for the worse...and i repeat...YOU LOOK SOOOO OLD!!!!

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