Hayden Panettiere Sings! And Isn't Awful!

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She's Celine Dion, in fact, compared to the likes of Brooke Hogan. And certainly Ashlee Simpson and Britney Spears, who don't even sing in concert.

Let's put it this way. When Hayden Panettiere made her live singing debut at the Capitol Fourth concert, she more than held her own... and made many teen boys hold theirs.

Hayden Hearts Barack

Sorry. But seriously, she's halfway decent - and this isn't her day job!

If her rendition of "Try" (see video below) were up against the likes of this season's crop of American Idol aspirants, Hayden would lose to the elite contenders - Jordin Sparks, Blake Lewis and Melinda Doolittle - but she'd give everyone else a good run.

Here's Hayden Panettiere signing in D.C. on Wednesday, July 4 ...


What do you think? Is Hayden Panettiere worthy of a record contract? Or is her producer, J.R. Rotem, only working with her so he can ... well, you know.


Her voice suits country music. When she was singing Try in Washington she kinda mixed abit of country vocals in it.


She sucks! What a horrible waste of time. Do NOT watch this. You'll have wasted 3 minutes you'll never get back.


Hayden should stick to acting. She;ll never win any awards for her acting range, but at least she gets paid to do it. Shut up and act, Hayden, before someone figures out you don't even do that well.


At least she doesn't spend the whole time singing flat, RIHANNA!


aww lol poor thing, why does she even try, shes such a good actress, she shouild just keep to that!!


aw come on. she's not THAT bad. she's an actress for pete's sake. besides it only says shes better than people who don't sing LOL. i agree, blake jordin and melnida are better but hey, give hayden a break


Listen again. She IS awful. I can't even imagine what they were thinking when they gave her a spot on this show.


OMG!!! Simon would be very harsh on Hayden. I'm sorry but it's just not right, she sang out of tune several times!!! Are you deaf???


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