David de Rothschild: Cameron Diaz's New Man?

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Let's hope David de Rothschild doesn't have a crazy ex-wife.

The British environmentalist is rumored to be the new squeeze for Cameron Diaz, just a few days after celebrity gossip sources were claiming she helped break up the marriage of her last piece of man candy.

Cameron Diaz at Afterparty

Then again, Diaz and Mindfreak's Criss Angel never confirmed they were an item.

Either way, Us Weekly has learned that the Shrek star is now dating David de Rothschild, a guy who loves going green and happens to be the heir to a banking fortune. Not a shabby catch.

In 2003, he was second on Tatler magazine's list of the hottest bachelors in the United Kingdom, beating out both Prince Harry and Hugh Grant (bested only by Prince William).

Sorry, Lucy Pinder and Sam Cooke. An American hottie has landed one of your country's main hunks, David de Rothschild.

Diaz and de Rothschild were first spotted in the VIP section at Live Earth in New Jersey on July 7. Then, they flirted and touched throughout dinner at NYC's Stanton Social just two nights later. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens may soon have competition for cutest couple in Hollywood.

The timing is ideal for Cameron. She had been stuck between an ugly war of words between Angel and his soon-to-be ex, JoAnn Sarantakos. The bitter wife accused the illusionist of cheating on her, while various celebrity news outlets told her to "eat it."

It hasn't been pretty.

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shes taking the dick of the new world order right in her arse!!




Tell her who he really is... He is the heir to the Rothschild dynasty of the New World Order.


David is one of the youngest members of an international banking family. The Rothschild family is one of the most powerful families in the world. He is not simply an environmentalist. Search 'Nathan Rothschild' in Google.


An environmentalist seems an odd choice for her, doesn't it? Perhaps a lot more grounded though, than he recent men. I was still thinking she'd somehow get back with JT, after the recent spate of cosy pics of the two of them together! Guess they both really have moved on.