Britney Spears vs. Lynne Spears: The Feud Intensifies

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When a determined Britney Spears served her mother with mystery legal documents last week, as we reported, she also delivered a stinging message along with them.

In prose.

The beleaguered "singer" has been angry and feuding with Lynne Spears because she felt her mother and others ambushed her into a bogus rehab trip.

Now, Britney wrote a poem, bitterly entitled "Dear Mama" and delivered it to her mother during her strange run-in last week, according to several publications.

In the poem, Britney Spears laments "that she doesn't have a mom anymore and she couldn't imagine a mother doing what she did to her child," a source told the tabloid Star.

Spears delivered the verse, along with legal papers, to her mother on June 28 on the set of "Zoey 101," the TV show starring Britney's sister, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Britney and Lynne Spears are reportedly also battling over the affections of Jamie Lynn. Have we mentioned that Britney and Jamie Lynn's dad's name is Jamie?

"Britney said, ‘Here Momma, I just wanted to see your face,'" a source told Star. "Then she got into her car and drove off. [Lynne Spears] went into the trailer and broke down in tears."

The CD reportedly contained private recordings of phone conversations between Lynne Spears and Britney Spears' estranged husband, Kevin Federline.

Spears is forbidding her mother from seeing her two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, and in one conversation, Lynne is said to be arranging to meet K-Fed and the boyz.

"I have to be careful that Britney doesn't find out," she conspires.

The recordings were allegedly made by a private investigator (!?) and in another call, Kevin Federline assured Spears' mother that his divorce battle was "going well."

"Kevin told Lynne that he had everything under control," adds the source. "He was just going to let Britney hang herself in court."


I'm glad the freud is coming to A head! Maybe the drug war will finally be over between them!!! Finally!


i feel its her mother pushed her in to stardom.if werent a star when was little. britney would not be in this state.she need to put here in a psychology clinic to get her sorted out its all down to her mother why she like this. she was my daughter i would sort her out. all her mother whanted was her to be a star and to have her money now she got the money she a not bothered. her my should pull her away and help her daughter and granchildren


I agree with you, this is just not right. Britney knows she is the one who has been acting crazy. Her mother obviously is in pain, and loves Britney and the children. She is probably a better influence on the kids than Britney is.
Lynne should take her to court and get grandparents visitation rights. And then just see the kids.
I also encourage her to keep the other kids away from Britney until they are 18. You can tell by looking at her little sister that she wants to be just like her crazy sis. The little girl wears too much makeup, dresse a little too provocative, and is almost the spitting image of Britney when she was that age.


She will regret being mean and behaving in a horribly crude manner to her mother forever!!

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