Blake Lewis, Girlfriend, Kiss the Night Away at Les Deux

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Sorry, ladies, but it appears as though Blake Lewis has a girlfriend.

The American Idol runner-up left Les Deux last night and was far from alone. As the picture below also indicates, he was snuggling up with a certain someone outside the hot spot.

And that someone is NOT Antonella Barba or Jordin Sparks, both of whom the spiked-hair beat boxer has been linked with.

Blake Lewis makes like Paris Hilton and Cisco Adler with this unnamed woman.

While Lewis may be breaking hearts across the country with this smooch, fans of the crooner do have some good news: Earlier this month, Blake disclosed he has already recorded six songs for his upcoming album, due at the end of 2007.

"I try not to be put in a box," he said. "I'm inspired by everything. I've got six tracks done. I've got a track that's very Erasure-sounding, a track that's Sting-meets-Neverending Story and a track that's very electro-poppy Depeche Mode. It's all over the map."

We can't wait. We also think Blake should keep his options open before settling down with the woman above. Remember, Jessica Alba is single now.


Hi!I need a break noh!


Yeah, Kristi--here Blake is still single! They're just friends I thought I told everyone that! OMG! Ciao!
::kisses:: ;D XD


HA! and i found out that he was SLIGHTLY drunk that night and he was being "passonate" lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Read this interview with blake:
TV Guide: There's been so much written about all of you. Do you ever read any of it online?
Blake: No. Honestly, it's funny you should ask because the first time I ever got on the computer and typed my name in was yesterday.
TV Guide: Really?
Blake: Yeah. I Googled myself.
TV Guide: What did you find?
Blake: It was just me making out with my friend on my birthday at Les Deux. It was funny. People make a big deal about it, but I was just kissing my friend good night. So now I guess I have a girlfriend. That's funny! I really don't feed into any media. I don't really watch television or listen to the radio. I definitely don't go online to find out stuff about me that's not true. HA! its not his girlfriend and its not fair of them to make assumptions like that. BEAT THAT ;D


That pic kinda looks photoshoped...


that girl is ugly


thanks god he doesn't have a girlfriend yet


Sisely -
Yeah, I asked Kristi too. She said the same thing. They're just good friends and she's the producer of American Idol. So Blake is NOT taken, he is STILL single.


That woman is not his girlfriend. Her name is Jessica Kelly, and she works for American Idol. She is friends with all of the Idols, and they were out celebrating Blake's birthday. According to Kristi, Blake's best friend, Blake & Jessica are not dating, and Jessica has a boyfriend that isn't Blake.

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