Ali Lohan Sticks Up For Lindsay, Dina; Bashes Michael Lohan

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This is just sad.

Only 13, Ali Lohan is being forced to enter the celebrity news headlines because her slutty, alcoholic sister can't keep her pants on or her foot off the pedal.

The sister of Lindsay and daughter of Dina and Michael recently wrote in to VH1 in defense of her mother.

Here's what Ali Lohan said:

My mom is a single mom of four children she has always been there for us, she was my mother and father and still is. My father is telling all lies to people and saying he was such a great dad and was always there for us, my father was never there for us, My mom was always there souporting us.

i think that the whole reason why my sister is upset with her self and not as cofident, is because of my dad not being around, and always staying out late and not coming home for days, he would come back home never himself, he was always was making excuses for his bad behavior. And would always blame my mother.

** The Hollywood Gossip note: It appears as though Ali uses the same spell check as Courtney Love. But we digress...

He just wants everybody in the world knowing that he was a great dad. He wasnt that is all a lie. I just want my sister [Lindsay Lohan] to stick throught this okay, and my mother and brothers and i are there for my sister 100% and have always been.

I've wanted to say this for so long and get this out there and let everyone know that our family is like a normal family but of course we are put under a microscope because of lindsays fame, lindsay will be fine she is just going through a rough time right now but she will be fine. i know this for a fact. My sisters is just like a normal sister. her and I have so much in common. My mother and sister are huge insperations to me, they have made it through so much in there lives.

Thankyou for your time god bless, Ali

First, Jamie-Lynn Spears. Now, Ali Lohan.

It's one thing Britney, Lindsay, Nicole Richie, if you wish to mess with your own life. But please don't make it seem like your actions are acceptable, or "normal." Young lives are at stake.


It really must be hard to raise a family in the lime light! Way to go Dina for doing it all under the pressures of Hollywood!


LET HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE...I'M SURE IF WE DUG DEEP WE COULD FIND SOMETHING ABOUT YOU,(who seems to be picture perfect, and blameless) TO POINT A FINGER AT. To have an opinion and feel you have to state that opinion...makes you a judge!!
and the bible say's judge not less ye be judged, for with what measure you judge, so shall you be judged. when time comes, and believe me your time is coming..... wouldn't you love grace and mercy and forgiveness for the things you've done? God Bless you!


just what this world DOESN'T need...another stupid LoHo. The mother's a skank, and her daughter's are following h in her footsteps. Talentless white trash.


Ok 1st off, their father shouldn't be the one 2 blame for ALL of Lindsay's problems. He probaly has something 2 do with her being out of control, but LH is a grown woman! They're always bashing their father [which he probaly deserves] but LH is turing into a CLONE of him. An alcoholic trouble maker. And the statement she made saying "he was always was making excuses for his bad behavior", hmmm that sounds VERY familure. But, I do feel 4 Ali. Hearing all these hurtful, mean things about her sister and mother must really upset her. I mean, if i heard those things about my own mother & sister, I would feel the need 2 protect them 2.


Uh-oh. Looks like her little sister risks being sucked into the celebrity vortex as well. If Lindsay can't handle it, what hope is there that someone even younger can?

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