A Fine Photo Finish: Christina Aguilera Nude vs. Jessica Alba Nude

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We have to apologize to Jordan Bratman because we know he'd prefer if no one else laid any eyes on his wife in her birthday suit.

But when a naked Christina Aguilera wraps herself in nothing but linens, how can we not alert readers to such a sight?

This singer one of the few beautiful and talented celebs out there.

But is she better looking than Jessica Alba nude? That's a tough call. The actress probably won't win any Academy Awards for her craft, but she has won the hearts of men everywhere with her sleek body and gorgeous smile. Cash Warren is one lucky fella. 

Christina Aguilera Nude Pic

Once you determine which of these lovely ladies is the sexiest, you're job isn't done. Take a look at our other hot body comparison and let us know if you find Holly Madison or Carmella DeCesare more attractive. Thank you.


what's with all the britney crap on here?!


Jessica Alba makes Britney Spears look like a friggin' moldy piece of fruit! Britney USED TO BE "sexy", now she's just a freak!


I personally think Britney is the prettiest and sexiest out of all of them. There's just something about her. I'm a straight girl, but I would totally jump on the lez-wagon for a shot with Britney Spears.


Marky, you are HIGH!!! Britney's body is not what it used to be! It's all flabby and cottage-cheese like because of all the Cheetos and fast food she lives on. Believe me, those photos of her in that recent magazine article are all photoshopped! At least Jessica Alba takes care of her body, even after having a baby. Another telling indication is the fact that Jessica just made the Maxim Hot 100 list and Britney did not! Though, how Miley Cyrus made it to #1 is beyond me! Anyway, why are we even talking about Britney for??? She's so ten years ago. We're supposed to be talking about how HOT Jessica Alba is. And for the record you CANNOT even compare Jessica to Christina Aguilera! 'Nuff said!


I just saw a recent photo of Jessica Alba in a bikini...UGH!!! She's AWFUL!!! She's like a skelaton!! I compared it to a recent photo of Britney in a bikini and...WOWZA!!! Britney makes Jessica look like a friggin' scarecrow!! So, Britney wins HANDS DOWN!!! Even with the shaved head and all the craziness, Britney has ALWAYS been WAYYYY HOTTER than Jessica!! Britney is hotter than any other woman out there!! She's even hotter than Mila Kunis and Megan Fox!! And we all know she's always been hotter than Christina UGLYlera!! Britney RULES!!! Any man who doesn't agree is GAY!!!


I am sorry, but saying that Britney Spears is the sexiest/most beautiful woman in the world is like saying cold oatmeal is the best tasting food on the planet. Has anyone even seen her lately? She looked like a squeezed sausage in that tight white thing she was wearing!! Now she's so hard up for publicity she's embarassing herself by appearing on national TV on a SINGING show!! The woman can't carry a tune and she's judging a SINGING show!! YIKES!!! Now, you get a woman like Jessica Alba, who takes care of herself and her kids...looks amazing no matter what she wears...'nuff said. As for Christina Aguilera....eh....nah!


No one's hotter than Britney Spears!


Britney is the sexiest, sexiest, SEXIEST woman to ever walk the face of this earth. Both Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera are dog poop compared to Brit.


I want 2 fuck w christina.hehe


Why are we even discussing Britney on here for? I thought we were supposed to be talking about Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera.

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