A Fine Photo Finish: Christina Aguilera Nude vs. Jessica Alba Nude

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We have to apologize to Jordan Bratman because we know he'd prefer if no one else laid any eyes on his wife in her birthday suit.

But when a naked Christina Aguilera wraps herself in nothing but linens, how can we not alert readers to such a sight?

This singer one of the few beautiful and talented celebs out there.

But is she better looking than Jessica Alba nude? That's a tough call. The actress probably won't win any Academy Awards for her craft, but she has won the hearts of men everywhere with her sleek body and gorgeous smile. Cash Warren is one lucky fella. 

Christina Aguilera Nude Pic

Once you determine which of these lovely ladies is the sexiest, you're job isn't done. Take a look at our other hot body comparison and let us know if you find Holly Madison or Carmella DeCesare more attractive. Thank you.


Britney stopped being sexy after she shaved her head, showed her putzu and went all batshit crazy! Jessica Alba RULEZ!!!


I think the people on here who keep saying crap like "Britney Spears is the sexiest/hottest/most beautiful woman in the world" needs to get their head examined! That bimbo isn't even relevant anymore!


I think Christina Aguilera is one of the sexiest women in the world.


YOU "COME ON"!! There is NO WAY that Shitney Smears is in any way hotter than Jessica Alba!


No way! Britney beats Jessica to a pulp! She was just named "Best Bikini Body In Hollywood", beating out Jessica! So, come on!


Jessica Alba is HOT!!! Wayyyy hotter than Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera!! Even without makeup, Jessica Alba is GORGEOUS!!!


I think Jessica Alba is beautiful. My total girl crush.


How the heck did Shitney even come up on this page?! Does the headline say "Britney Spears"??? I think not! Britney doesn't even come close to either Jessica or Christina, because those two are some fine, classy ladies while Shitney needs to have puppet strings on her at all times. As far as her looks go, Britney used to be sorta' cute, but not drop dead gorgeous. Now she can't even shine Jessica Alba's shoes! Sorry, it has to be said...Britney SUX!!!


Even though I'm a straight woman who LOOOOVES men (esp. Adam Levine *wink*), I for one do not see how Britney is in any way sexier than Jessica Alba. Britney and her pimply face over Jessica and her hot bod? Any man who prefers Brit over Jess is CARAZY!!!!


Jessica Alba was, is and always will be a million times sexier, hotter and better looking than either Christina or Britney, period! But Alyssa Milano is by far the SEXIEST woman in the world!

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