A Fine Photo Finish: Christina Aguilera Nude vs. Jessica Alba Nude

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We have to apologize to Jordan Bratman because we know he'd prefer if no one else laid any eyes on his wife in her birthday suit.

But when a naked Christina Aguilera wraps herself in nothing but linens, how can we not alert readers to such a sight?

This singer one of the few beautiful and talented celebs out there.

But is she better looking than Jessica Alba nude? That's a tough call. The actress probably won't win any Academy Awards for her craft, but she has won the hearts of men everywhere with her sleek body and gorgeous smile. Cash Warren is one lucky fella. 

Christina Aguilera Nude Pic

Once you determine which of these lovely ladies is the sexiest, you're job isn't done. Take a look at our other hot body comparison and let us know if you find Holly Madison or Carmella DeCesare more attractive. Thank you.


britney's hot, man!


So, like...is the main reason we're going on and on about Britney Spears on here because we're comparing Christina Aguilera to Jessica Alba? If that's the case then you people need to get a life.


There are other women out there but none as hot as Britney Spears.


OMIGOD!!! I have been visiting this blog for a few years now and I'm thinking we're going to be talking about Christina A. and Jessica A. and instead, here we are debating whether or not Britney Spears is still relevent/sexy/beautiful/blah-blah! GEEZ!!! Enough with the Britney crap!! She's a has-been!! Get over it!! There are other women out there besides Britney!! SHEESH!!!


Britney is sexiest.


Well said, Rod. Now let's MOVE ON!!!


Erm, aren't we supposed to be talking about Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera?!?!?! Why are we even mentioning Britney on here anyway?!?! She's a HASBEEN!!! All her songs sound the same, basically teeny-bopper-bubble-gum CRAP about wanting to have sex while still trying to convince the world that she's this God-fearing "virgin", and she still dresses like a teenager, even though she does not have the body to fill out those barely-there outfits anymore! But, I don't want to waste anymore time talking about no-talent Shitney! Jessica Alba is by far the HOTTEST woman in the world! Christina Aguilera's not too bad, though she could stand to tone down the makeup a bit. But the girl can sing! All that being said, lets try and keep this a Britney-free zone (and a Miley-free zone while we're at it)!


Britney's the HOTTEST!! End of story!!


OK, I am a straight girl and Britney Spears makes me hot! Jessica Alba does nothing for me. Neither does Christina Aguilera. Britney RULES!!!


I'm a straight man and I never saw the appeal of Britney Spears. She's not as gorgeous as everyone seems to think she is. She has a weird ass smile and a fat neck. Maybe at one time she was okay, but now she's just a has-been. Totally flopping with her new CD and her Vegas shows. At least Christina Aguilera can sing, but Jessica Alba is the hottest woman of all time.

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