A Fine Photo Finish: Christina Aguilera Nude vs. Jessica Alba Nude

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We have to apologize to Jordan Bratman because we know he'd prefer if no one else laid any eyes on his wife in her birthday suit.

But when a naked Christina Aguilera wraps herself in nothing but linens, how can we not alert readers to such a sight?

This singer one of the few beautiful and talented celebs out there.

But is she better looking than Jessica Alba nude? That's a tough call. The actress probably won't win any Academy Awards for her craft, but she has won the hearts of men everywhere with her sleek body and gorgeous smile. Cash Warren is one lucky fella. 

Christina Aguilera Nude Pic

Once you determine which of these lovely ladies is the sexiest, you're job isn't done. Take a look at our other hot body comparison and let us know if you find Holly Madison or Carmella DeCesare more attractive. Thank you.


I'm a straight woman and I think Jessica Alba is the hottest woman of all time. She still looks great even when dressed down and with no makeup. Britney only looks good with gobs and gobs of makeup on and major airbrushing, but looks like crap without makeup or airbrushing.


The FHM 100 Sexiest Woman in the World list is out and Jennifer Lawrence (?) tops the list! WTF?! She's cute, but I don't think she's even a little sexy! And meanwhile, Britney only made #59 on the list! But Mila Kunis (who is UGLY as hell!), the highly overrated Beyoncé and Taylor Swift, who is about as sexy as a pencil, outranked Britney! I didn't see Jessica Alba anywhere on the list, which makes sense, being that she's really not all that sexy, in my opinion. Christina Aguilera was also nowhere on the list which also makes perfect sense. Of course, ugly-ass Scarlett HOjansson made the list but she also outranked Britney! That makes no sense whatsoever! Britney is still very, very hot, a lot hotter than Jennifer Lawrence and all the other women on this joke of a list!


Christ! What the heck is with all this "Britney Spears is a goddess" crap?! I came here thinking we'd be discussing Jessica Alba and Christina Aguilera! I guess being that Christina was mentioned, we automatically have to praise Britney?! Sheesh! Get over it!


No matter who came before or after her, there will never ever be a woman as sexy or as beautiful as Britney Spears.


I don't find any of these girls sexy, just trashy. I like real women like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Aniston.


No woman is in any way shape, or form, hotter or sexier than Britney Spears. She has got to be the #1 sexiest woman alive. Think about it...did Jessica Alba ever slither around in a schoolgirl uniform when she was 16, dance half-naked with a snake when she was 18, dance around in a see-through body suit with sparkles all over when she was 22 and kiss Madonna when she was 21? I think not. You can't get much hotter than Britney Spears!


R U kidding?!?!?! Britney is HAWT!!! A million times hotter than CRAPstina!! And she's a far better entertainer too!! U R NUTS!!!


I for one never really saw the appeal of Britney Spears. She's cute, but not as "drop dead gorgeous" as people seem to think she is. She has a weird face, beady eyes and a big, fat neck and she always looks like she's having a seizure every time she smiles. I was always a Christina Aguilera fan since the beginning. I always thought she was hotter and still is. She's got those electric blue eyes and that porcelain skin that I love. But Britney...I think she's overrated.


Personally, I find Britney Spears and Jessica Alba to be very similar, looks-wise. Though, in all honesty, Britney is a tad better looking (better body, better face, better smile, better all around personality, ect.), they both have that come-hither-yet-innocent-doe-eyed stare and both seem to love to display their bodies. Christina Aguilera, in my opinion, can't hold a candle to either Britney or Jessica, except for her amazing singing voice. But looks wise, I have to put Britney Spears on a pedestal. The girl looks hot even without hair!


Right now, Britney Spears is about as hot as fly-infested crap!

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