TomKat, Suri Hit France, Bore Hollywood Gossip Sites

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It was quite the trip to France for TomKat and its TomKitten.

Decked out in matching, signature off-white outfits, huge shades and bowl-cuts (aww), Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes looked like they were ready to attend a prom in Cannes.

Lug That Baggage

Instead, they went to the wedding of Australia's richest man - a fellow Scientology follower - James Packer to model Erica Baxter. TomKat was its usual self, decked out in drab attire.

Borrrr-ring. Seriously, are these people cyborgs? We hate to say it, but we sort of miss the days when Tom Cruise would at least make a fool of himself jumping on couches.

But at least half of Hollywood's strangest and possibly most boring couple had a little fun on the trip. Katie and baby Suri Cruise frolicked on the beach Tuesday.

As for Katie's BFF, Victoria Beckham, the spicy one was nowhere in sight. For a change. But Katie Holmes has her own style, okay? There is no such thing as PoshKat! Clear?


these 2 are wierd.....
i just invented a new religion. It is called kissmyassscientology, so u all wanna join??? it teaches you not to go through life listening to what people tell you to do and guess what this religion doesnt make you spend thousands of dollars on some bullcrap CLEAR .... haha our creater is my cat named PUFFY ...


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i have witnessed eons. my being splits time like an atom. to reign once more on earth as in L. Ron...that will be sublime. prepare for the making, oh, kortu. prepare for the letting, oh takmot. oh lecherous legions! oh languishing days!


Love the pic of Suri lying on Tommy!

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