The Hollywood Gossip Police Blotter: No Love For Faizon... or Shemar Moore ... or Tom Sizemore

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Faizon Love, the affable star of several movies, including Friday, Elf, and Blue Crush (with Kate Bosworth), is being sued by a woman who claims he "barbarically assaulted and battered her" after the she allegedly rejected his sexual advances.

She also claims that Faizon Love (no relation to Scrubs star Donald Faison) tossed her Gucci purse out of a second story window. Which is hilarious as well as maybe illegal.

In a lawsuit filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, a stage manager named Beatrice Eliza claims that Faizon Love (below, left) sexually groped her after picking up the actor from Burbank Airport in March.

Eliza claims "he did not stop until she threatened to kick him out of the car." According to the suit, that's when the attacks turned violent.

Eliza claims that days after the rejection, Faizon Love, who reminds us of a more jovial Suge Knight, attacked on the set of the production "Irresponsible Behavior" (how ironic) which resulted in threats, chair-tossing, damaged handbags.

Meanwhile, TMZ reports that actor Shemar Moore (above, right) was arrested early Friday morning, channeling his inner Nicole Richie.

In other words, he was busted for suspicion of DUI in Los Angeles.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the former Young and the Restless star was pulled over after officers noticed the actor speeding near Santa Monica Blvd. at 1:30 AM.

After he was stopped, cops reported that Shemar Moore "displayed signs of alcohol impairment and a DUI investigation was conducted."

Shemar Moore was then arrested and transported to a nearby station, where he took a breath test and was later booked

Moore, who currently stars in Criminal Minds, was released a few hours later on $5,000 bail. Calls to Moore's rep were not returned.

Lastly, Tom Sizemore appeared at a L.A. courtroom this morning, expecting the judge to recall a warrant for his arrest. But it didn't go as planned.

The actor was unexpectedly handcuffed by the bailiff and taken into custody before the judge even arrived for the probation violation hearing stemming from his 236th drug arrest.

Moments later, Tom Sizemore's attorney filed a motion to transfer courtrooms, claiming that Sizemore would not get a fair trial with the current judge.

The judge obliged, and granted the motion - keeping Tom in custody. Sizemore will stay behind bars until a new judge assigned to the case decides when the hearing will begin.

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