The Hills Drama: Heidi Crashes Lauren Conrad Scenes

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Season 3 is still being filmed, but the drama has already begun.

Yes, fans. The Hills are very much alive ...

Speidi Smooch

... with the sound of cat fights.

Insiders claim that the publicity-crazed Heidi Montag is so eager for more face time on the hit MTV reality TV series that she's been crashing scenes with former BFF, Lauren Conrad.

"Heidi's been showing up at shoots uninvited," a source tells Us Weekly.

That news is about as surprising as Britney Spears wearing awful outfits.

Heidi knows her best chance for airtime next season [which premieres in August] is to be in sequences with Lauren Conrad."

The drama came to a head May 30 after Heidi Montag, 20 - who recently got engaged to Spencer Pratt, 23 - clashed with Conrad, 21, at an L.A. nightclub.

"Lauren was screaming, 'You're pathetic!'" says a witness at Les Deux, where the fracas went down.

"Lauren was using her hands wildly, saying she didn't want to deal with Heidi."

But Montag's rep (who may or may not be Spencer Pratt), told Us Weekly that the actress and her new boob job weren't chasing drama or screen time.

"Heidi's recording her album. She doesn't have time to chase Lauren."

Yes, Heidi Montag is recording an album
. We're guessing it will be a huge seller... up there in quality with the newest Lindsay Lohan compilations. If that.


Heidi you a bitch and i hope spenser cheats on you and has his playmates/leave louren the hell alone!


Heidi i hate her she shouldn't of been such a obaves bitch and see that louren was the most best friend she could of had


have an idea. why doesnt MTV sack Heidi and invite Lo or some1 else to be on the show. Heidi is a whore and annoys me now. she was tolerable when LC liked her but not anymore.


and why did Heidi show up dressed for a sex sceen?
MTV Please do not show" Miss Heide" on the third HILLS.


heidi you know that lauren is the star of the show and of course you would want same air time as you did in season 2 that's why you are still tailing and your loser bf deserve each other!!!


Heidi is the biggest loser. All she know is to ride on someone elses fame.


heidis life is so stuffed up because of spencer now, and lauren knew it would be that way all along, but heidi wouldnt even listen. i dont even think heidi should be on the show anymore


Everyone looked great! Heidi needs to get a life of her own..I do believe that she would follow the camera. I'm glad that Lauren realized who her true friends really are.

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