Tara Reid Boob Job Pics: Before and After

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Give Tara Reid points for honesty.

While Britney Spears boobs pictures are always obscured by changing room curtains, at least Reid comes right out and talks about the plastic surgery she's had done on her large breasts.

Just take a look below. Like Heidi Montag breast enhancement photos, there's no way to deny that Tara has had work done after checking out these before and after pics.

Tara Reid Boob Job

They make Kellie Pickler and her newly bulging chest look mundane by comparison.

So just like Paris Hilton free from prison, Tara Reid is now free from the nuisance of having small boobs. Next, the awful actress just has to free herself from her drunken mess of a life.


Want to take off your shirt?


god damn she looked great before all the plastic surgery


Nice boobs babe.
Sleep with me??


Seeing how Kellie Pickler didn't have breast implants I can see why her boobs aren't larger like Tara who did have implants. Perhaps if your writer wasn't a "boob" they would already know this.


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Tara Reid is an awful actress who likes getting boob jobs. We almost feel sorry for her. Reid guest starred on Scrubs for a few episodes... More »
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