Tameka Foster: The Interview

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Tameka Foster is hated on.

We're talking about someone that almost makes Simon Monjack seem appealing to most our readers.

Foster, Tameka

It's hard to pinpoint the exact reason, but fans of Usher believe he's making a grave mistake by marrying this supposed home wrecker. With that in mind, Essence magazine sat down with Tameka recently.

Essence.com: Do you and Usher spend a lot of time together?
Tameka Foster: Usher and I are friends. We are road dogs. We hang out like friends. We shop, laugh, work out, get mad in the middle of the day about what we want to eat, debate about what's fattening in a smoothie and just do regular things.

Essence.com: How does Usher get along with your three sons?
Foster: Usher loves my children. My ex-husband and I have joint custody. It's a wonderful arrangement that allows me time to do things with Usher one-on-one and to spend time with the kids. I'm not looking for a father for my kids because they have one. They just happen to be lucky enough to have two strong men in their lives.

The Hollywood Gossip note: Critics treat Tameka worse than other famous fiancees, such as Alexis Phifer, because they believe she is looking for a new, rich father for her kids.

Essence.com: You've been labeled a "poor mom" because, supposedly, you're never with the kids. Your reaction?
Foster: Do you think Usher would really be engaged to a woman who would leave her kids? My children are with us much more than people think. They've gone to the Bahamas with us and attended play-off games. I purposely keep my children out of view. I don't want them scrutinized and talked about because that would be a problem. Everyone wants to know, "Where are her kids?" Out of these pictures, that's where.

The Hollywood Gossip note: It's a course of action Britney Spears tried to use with Jayden James, too.

Essence.com: Shifting gears a bit, is it true that Usher's mom fired you as his stylist and you in turn convinced Usher to fire her as his manager?
Foster: I never worked for Usher's mom; I worked for Usher. Now, I don't know if she persuaded him to feel certain ways about me, but she never fired me.

Essence.com: So does that mean you and future mother-in-law have beef?
Foster: No, we do not. Any mother with a son as successful as Usher is going to have raised eyebrows about any woman who comes around. I'd be the same way about any one of my sons. His mother and I have a great rapport. There are no hard feelings and I had nothing to do with his decision to no longer have his mother manage him.

So there you have it, people. Are you still against Tameka? Might she get a bad rap? Or, like Blake Fielder-Civil, is it just normal for those marrying celebrities to face a bit of scrutiny?


Shame on Little Usher How could he do that to his mother for this UGLY beast Usher said he wanted a boy So What did Tameka do get the baby a sex change we'll know when the baby grows up to be gay haha lets not hope that Tameka you are nothing but a gold digging HOE! and need to leave peoples children alone you old billy goat.


she is not ugly but it is just like she said in the essence article it is because she is dark skinned with kids is the reason why so many people hate her when god put someone in your life it is never who the public think it should be. if she were half breed or even hispanic, this would be ok come on black women if you are hating on her you need to look at yourself. because maybe you have insecurities, or you have 3 0r 4 kids and cant get a good man dont hate congraulate


May I say no one called Elin Nordegren (Tiger Wood's wofe) a gold digger. No one called Nicole Mitchell Murphy (ex-wife of Eddie Murphy) a gold digger. How come when it is a dark skinned black women she is a gold digger. THINK PEOPLE!!!!!!


please leave Usher And his lady alone... You do not know much about this lady. Stoppp!! Stoppppppppppppp!! it is not right. just pray for the best


I love usher. He is one of my top doggs, but baby boy you was wrong for what tou did.But as long as you are happy you go boy


u go tameka!!! he obviouslly loves you!!! he gotta friend?


I'm in Shock! How could you fire your dam mother. Marry who you love, but the way you have disrespected your mom. The one who carried your ass for 9 month's. Watch out for that thing called KARMA! Pre Nup Please. God Bless.


Ok. Usher, you need to take a good look at Tameka Foster. First you need to think of the woman who gave birth to you and has helped you shape and build your career. Tameka has been convicted of Welfare fraud and perhaps other things we may not know about. People change, this is true but something is odd here. I think you are not happy. She's pregnant. So what?! You don't have to marry her to be a great father to your child. Please keep yourself away from this future mess. I'm telling you....stay away from this. You'll be better off for it. Take your time and you'll find someone who will support you and be your friend. Please don't be fooled. Tameka Foster is beneath you and an insult to how your mother raised you.


I am praying that the baby is healthy and survive. Usher should realize that he is the lucky one. Tamika is a pretty lady and usher should rush to her bedside and marry her in the hospital. To Usher, my advise is that your fans should not control your private life. Gods blessings for Usher and Tamika.


i am a big fan of usher i wasnt happy to find out that he was dating his make up artist and i am even more unhappy to hear that he is marring her :(. I just hope that she isn't using him and that she really and truely loves him. Usher is an outstanding person who is adored by many and i wish them both the best of luck. p.s i hope the baby looks like usher


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