Tameka Foster: The Interview

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Tameka Foster is hated on.


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    Dnt no how long these messages been up but u tell u people need to get they life together before judgment day I love usher I been watching him since his first song came out I always looked up to him I don't care who he dates if u a true fan an not a heartless person u go stand by anybody to the end no matter what choice they make people need support back them up so what if she ugly like everybody say it was something he loved about her i thought she was a beautiful black women taking care of business she got usher plus his first borns now if he would have gotten a white women ya'll would have been pissed off take care of ur household an worry about getting to those gates of heaven if I have one wish if would b to pop a bottle in the club with usher an his mom for making a star that gave me something to listen to all my life love u usher


    i love you but you was crazy for married dat bitch now she done marry ya azz now thats more money for her and ya kids and her other da kids.now she wants a divorce.


    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...However, I would have loved for Usher's wife to have been Rozonda "Chili" Thomas. They were picture perfect, but it wasn't meant to be. Remember everyone there is a reason for every thing. God has His own purpose in our lives. I don't really care for Usher anymore but it's he life to live-I have enough to deal with in my own life. Tameka Foster stop being STUPID liposuction shows your ignorancy. Your best bet now is to get out of the spot light and concentrate on your children and stop worring about looking good-usher married you, you're not going to make yourself beautiful it's what's on the inside that counts.


    I think that she is ugly and looks like a trans....and not because she is dark because I am a dark sister...the fat is that she is and Usher's career will suffer from this very poor move!!!!


    It's not that people are being haters. Not only is she not pretty but her attitude sucks. If he had some sense she would realize what she have and not run he ass off being a control freak!


    Hahaha yall haters makin Tameka famous lol like Kat Williams said, you should be happy u have haters, n if u don't u should be out dere trying to make some. Tameka has something alota of yall haters don't, strength. Any body would have broken down at all these criticism but she didnt. Infact while yall hatin on her she's busy livin her life with her fine ass hubby by her side lol yall jealous cos she has usher wrap around her lil finger. Yall wish yall was in her place.

    Life is short live ur life n let them live theirs no matter wat happens.


    Everybody focus on Usher and Tameka they doing them. Tameka is a stylists it's in her blood thats never going away.


    I have a question...does anybody know if Tameka has personal assistants or stylists who shop for her and dress her, now that she is married to Usher?


    Haters get over it, clean up your own back yards. That is his wife and the mother of his child and she deserves the best. Worry about your own damn business. By the way I am a lightskin sister and I believe Tameka was an excellent choice for him and she keeps it real. So what she has a past, we all do whether we admit it or not.



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