Tameka Foster and Usher: Expecting!!!

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What was previously celebrity gossip can now be classified as celebrity news: Tameka Foster is pregnant.

Just a week after hinting that babies could be in the future for herself and Usher, the engaged couple has announced to the Associated Press and People that they're expecting their first child together, due in the fall.

Tameka Foster and Usher

"We are extremely excited at this point in our lives planning our wedding and the joy that comes with expecting our first child together," Usher and Foster said in a statement released to the Associated Press Wednesday. "We hope people will be happy for us and respect our privacy during this happy period in our lives."

A controversial fianceee, Tameka Foster hasn't exactly been welcomed the arms of her true love's fans. They call her a gold-digger and an ugly person, insults typically reserved for Heather Mills.

"What people don't realize is that Usher and I were friends for nearly seven years and I worked as his personal stylist for five years. I was the only female friend he felt he could talk to," Tameka recently told Essence magazine, as she tried to defend their relationship.

When asked about plans for babies like little Sam Alexis Woods, Foster added: "Yes, I do plan to have children with Usher. This is the man I love and plan to spend the rest of my life with, so why wouldn't I want to share that bond of bringing another life into this world with him?"

This will be the fourth child for Foster as she attempts to rival Shar Jackson for largest litter.

How will Usher's fans react to the news? Probably as well as Trista Sutter reacted to the idea of cameras filming her pregagncy.

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Zabeth, I don't understand why they are being treetad like this! She is perfectly acceptable! She is a good WOMAN! What more does she need to be? If he is happy who are they to judge? They had nothing to say when seal married Heidi, or Wesley married the Asian woman, or taye diggs and his ww! Who the hell do they think they are? A sista is not supposed to ever be laying out by a rich man's pool it seems... Sigh, I guess the good life is once again (in their minds) only for non-black women....


It's not always about looks as much as it is about morals!!! If she was married to another man and left hin for Usher, then Usher is going to get wwhat he deserves!!!


I think usher should respect his mother opinin. because in the end when all the card fall she will alway be by your side no matter what. ask yourself why she dosen't have custody if her own children. why was her pass a serect. what is she trying to hided. she is a gold digger...from your home town OAKLAND,CALIFORNIA


Usher, baby what the helllllllll is going on with you, she is not what you need i will respect what yall ahve togather but damn her i mean come on, she not cutie enough t for you and yeah who ever said she was a gold digger was right i mean check the WO MEN history book she need to be your hair styles and that's it i mean come on you dodn't hav to invite her to the whole kithen shes not even worth gettign a snack and bye the way what in the hell did you do with chill that was and always be the side i am on because OLD girl aint got nothing on her and bye the way no matter how stupid you act i will still be at your concert when you come to my town Greenville, SC better yet hit my school up Greenville Tech. Campus all day. MUCH LUV


dammm she is OLD, UGLY, AND YES GOLD DIGA! come on Usher, snap out of it!you can do so much better than her!


just want to thank all the nigs for making me feel great tonight, you hate yourselves and the world knows it! wooo hoo for the white race


she talkin bout why wouldnt she want 2 have children by usher. the only reason is 2 secure child support.this woman is old and experianced and know what she is doing. he cant see it now but he will; when hes hit with child support. he can do better. and anyway if he didnt want people in his business not telling us. that crazy in him. she got his mind messed up!


I think that if this woman seriously left her husband and babies then she is really not someone Usher needs to settling down with...She obviously doesn't understand or take her vows serously....I do think that Usher should pay attention to the red flags. A mother knows things, that is a gift that God has given them and if she feels something is wrong then he really need to pay attention. Another thing, any relationship starting out like that is doomed from the start, never come between a marriage!!!!!!! Setting yourself up for heartache because what goes around comes around!


WOW!!! Usher baby good luck. But old girl is not that pretty.


All I Can Say is Here is Some LUVVV for Tameka and Usher... PS...Yougogirlgogirlgogirlgogirlgogirl