Sparks in the Air for Jordin, Blake Lewis?

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Rumors that Blake Lewis has seen Antonella Barba nude were never confirmed.

Neither is the following story regarding the second place finisher's love life, but it's our duty to report it anyway: Blake may be dating Jordin Sparks.

Park, John

TMZ says these American Idol finalists have denied hooking up, but they were spotted "holding hands" while shopping at a Fry's Electronics store near L.A., a source reports.

They wandered around the store, seemed "happy" together and then Blake was overheard saying Jordin: "We should call your mom." And why would that be the case unless these two were more than friends, right?

Blake Lewis may be beat boxing in bed with Jordin Sparks these days. Call it celebrity gossip, but call it an exciting possibility, as well.

Lewis and Sparks will join other contestants from this season, such as Melinda Doolittle, during the American Idol summer tour. It appears, however, that these two have formed their own, naked duet.

But be careful, Blake: Jordin is only 17. We're talking about Hayden Panettiere territory here.


Hey Guys I seen pictures of them passionately kissing they are dating and maybe becaue of the age difference keeping it a secret,


Ohh! Sisely!
You know who the contestant was?
Can you possibly tell me? OH ya and Blakergurl111, they didn't mention jordin's name in the lie detector test...sisely is correct. PLEASE tell me sisely! how do you know?


He's not dating Jordin. Never has, never will. he's always said she's too young for him. Oh, and by the way? They never even mentioned Jordin's name during the lie detector test on Mike & Juliet. They mentioned Antonella, and he said no to her, but there was NO mention of Jordin. Go to YouTube and view the clip, if you don't believe me. No need to be spreading rumors there, Blakergurl111. I know who the contestant is that he hooked up with, but I'm sworn to secrecy. It wasn't Jordin, but that's all I'll say.


Listen here everyone who thinks Blake is gay [WHICH HES NOT] OR that they aren't dating!
1] Blake is NOT gay! He broke up with his girlfriend right before hollywood week, she broke up wiht him cuz he apparently wasnt paying enough attention to her.
2]Blake and Jordin ARE dating! Blake was a good sport and just a day ago Blake was on the Mike a Juliet show and he took a lie detector test. One of his questions was:::
Q:Did you or are you hooked up with someone from american idol?
Blake responded yes I did. Then they asked him if we was willing to tell them who it was and he said No im not. BUT then they started guessing and guessing all these girls from american idol and he said no to every single one INCLUDING jordin BUT when he said no to was recorded as a lie.
SO THERE YA HAVE IT...if they aren't still dating...they were at some point.


Okay, 2 words:no way. Cuz,
1) I have that pic in a magazine and it definately had Chris Rich in it
2) I'm sure we can trust Chris Rich to slap Blake if anything was going on between Blake and Jordin(btw, blake's not gay, him and Chris are friends!!!)
3) Blake's not that blind/stupid.


BLAKE LEWIS IS NOT GAY! WHATS WRONG IWTH YOU PEOPLE! and isnt that just messed up if he goes out with a 17 year old when tomorrow he is turning 26! messed up.


Yo who wooooooood do dat if they werent dating i think that its a little (wrong) but if they really like eachother leave them alone


hahaha.. pity you guys..getting jealous of Jordin?? ha! nice one..just because these two are seen together, doesn't mean they're dating?! I mean hello?! Age gap?? So what if they go out together? they're good friends aren't they?? why? good friends can't see each other? hmm..nice guys are teh best..hardy har har..ha


ha, i love how it said Blake said, "We should call your mom." And why would that be the case unless these two were more than friends, right? More like Blake wanted Jordin's mom to come and get her so that he could be alone with his BOYfriend CHRIS, who of course is CUT OUT of this picture... and the person that Blake is looking at. Jeez... I love how a gay relationship is worse than an almost twenty six year old dating a seventeen year old. Its insane.


The way this is reported just disgust me. And the photo has already been pulled apart in the TMZ article, since Chris is cropped out.

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