Shar vs. Star: Let's Get Ready to Rumble

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Brace yourself for a brawl. The quote-unquote actress and never-married host of Ex-Wives Club is taking the fight to celebrity gossip.


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    i luv shar jaskson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    why should shara get married it did'nt do britney any good marrige don't make a person you must loves your self first britney been married how many times and she still went cray, crazy. shara did'nt have go through that pain and she and her kids are taking care just fine a very smart young lady and very repectful. oh yes britney you just punked very bad you were in love and he did'nt love you that is why you went crazy and still is, and we all know it you can'nt take care of youself I fill bad for you.


    Angelina Jolie has three children out of wedlock. Does anyone condemn her? No, she's wonderful right? She's not married but she's so wonderful! True, only one of Jolie's kids came from her actually having to hit the sack but what makes it better for her and bad for Shar? Nothing. Shar Jackson is a beautiful and intelligent woman. That's why she continues to work and better her life and the lives of her children. She's not dumb and none of her children are mistakes. Everybody does not get married.


    You're right Ayana. There is a racial sterotype in this article. What is really wrong with having kids unmarried. We are refusing to admit that Britney Spears stole someones guy and quickly rushed to proposing to him and thus married him. Even a fool wouldn't refuse that offer where money is involved. K-Fed loves his black girl not the druggie. He only wanted money from Britney. He got that. It's time to go back where he left off with Shar.


    THIS IS VERY BAD. There is nothing wrong with this woman having 4 kids out of wedlock if she desires too. That's not against the law. Baby factory? Come on, I think there's are some racially sterotypical overtones to this article.

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