Shar Jackson, Many Children Attend Movie Premiere

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Recently, we learned that Shar Jackson had two children from a previous relationship in addition to a pair of offspring with the great Kevin Federline.

Today, we learned that Shar has a 16-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter. Shar is 30. Do the math, celebrity gossip readers. It is, you could say, a tad abnormal.

Shar on the Red Carpet

Here's a picture of the whole Jackson clan at the Ratatouille premiere on Friday night. Shar Jackson, we have to say, looks fine. There's a reason for that: Plastic surgery.

She channeled her inner Heidi Montag and went under the knife... a fact she boasted about, then cited as evidence when denying the slew of recent pregnancy rumors surrounding herself and FedEx. This is a strange world.

The two youngest cuties, Kori and Kaleb, are the spawn of Kevin Federline, who left Shar for Britney Spears while Jackson was knocked up with their second kid.

They remain on good terms, though, and recently, Shar even became BFFs with Britney's mother, Lynne Spears. Did we mention that this is a strange world we live in?

At least we know that if there were ever a shortage of humans, Shar Jackson and Kevin Federline could be relied upon to regenerate the population. Some fertile peeps, they are.


WOW! Shar Jackson not only gave birth to her four children but cares for them as well.She's not riding the welfare train an the only thing you can do is find a way to put her down.I guess she doesn't fit in the circle Hollywood actresses that have just as many, but for some reason they get glorified for having children.Also having a child at an older age doesn't make you more responsible or a better parent.


Shar Jackson is a beautiful and talented young black woman. If she were white and had a kid at 15, would people make such a big deal about it? And damn, how was she to know that broke, womanizing, cheap wjoremunger Kevin Ferderline would play her while she was pregnant with their baby? You should feel pity and not delight for any of this. At least she is trying to be a good single mother.


please get the ages right!!
donny is 14 he was born june 23 1993
and cassie is 13 she was born september 20th 1994
shar was 16 almost 17 when donny was born and 18 when she had cassie but she was also working when she got pregnant and continued working after


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