Report: Shar Jackson Pregnant By Kevin Federline Again

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Kevin Federline may be sick - and that could last for about nine months when he reads this - but someone's gotta break the news.

Shar Jackson is pregnant.

K-Fed and Victoria Prince Photo

That's the report coming straight out of the New York Post, and numerous other reputable celebrity gossip sources. Oxymoronic as that sounds... would it shock you? The guy's boys can frickin' swim.

Report has it that Kevin Federline has planted his seen for the fifth time, knocking up the mother of his first two children.

He ditched the D-list actress for Britney Spears a few years back, but as soon as his divorce from the pop star became official, FedEx reportedly embarked on an on-again, off-again, and (for Shar lately) very much on-again romance with the shining Shar.

And the rekindled passion seems to have produced yet another baby between them. So much for those rumors of an impending Spears-Federline reconciliation.

The Post's Cindy Adams claims Shar Jackson is already "into her seventh week, and at the instant I write this, he doesn't know." She cites Shar in Star, saying that she's hoping "this brings them back together as a family."

Gag. We'll have more on this as it develops. We're can't wait to learn if a fifth K-Spawn will join Kori, Kaleb, Sean Preston and Jayden James.


Duh Britney wake up I don't believe Shar and K-Fed ever broke up he was after Britany money and now he has another one on the way How stupid can you be. Heck he has his meal ticket now. Britney get of the drugs so you can see the light. Besides you know the old saying once you go black you can't go back. lol


This woman is a desperate and in denial cling on.
How could you let a loser like Kfed use and use and use you? You need help!


You know she is such a pretty young lady, young being the main word here! I see she loves kids...but find someone that loves you just as much before you tie your life up with being just a (BM-aka-Baby Momma).


Ever heard of a vasectomy?


He needs to get fixed.


just the thought of k-fed makes me want to puke!

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