Plaid Photo Finish: Lauren Conrad vs. Jamie Lynn Spears

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Oh, that's Drew Barrymore on the far right. We guess she's a part of this photo finish too. But that full-length dress / jumpsuit is a tad much, don't you think? We think.

Let's shift our focus, then to Lauren Conrad (left) and Jamie Lynn Spears (center), both of whom recently made public appearances and went with a wholesome, girlish look in the form of their respective plaid, sweetly patterned sundresses.

As she proved with your praise of her short-shorts and suspenders look, the cute star of MTV's The Hills can make just about anything work. We suspect you will think the same of her plaid dress in this celebrity fashion spotlight.

As for Jamie Lynn Spears? Well, being the younger sister of Britney Spears immediately gives her an advantage in that she's not flashing any inappropriate body parts in this picture. With no nipple slip in sight, Jamie Lynn already looks classy by contrast.

Then again, Jamie Lynn Spears' parents' names are (really) Jamie and Lynne Spears. That might just disqualify her right there. It'd be as if LC's folks where named Lauren and Conrad.

So you tell us, celebrity fashion fans. Who wore plaid the best… and who should plaid the fifth? Sorry, that was a truly awful play on words. But you get the point. Leave a comment!

THG NOTE: Incidentally, Lauren Conrad's middle name is Katherine.

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you know what i mean ;)


Im really think that lauren wins this one!!!


iam gonna have to go with lauren


ok jamie lynn spears you are nasty your pregnet with your chirch friend ew my little sister looks up to you and now shes heart broken i hope you dont think your getin backk on that show cause trust me people are gonna start talkin about how you should never go backk your 16 put your life in cheak


jamie lynn is hot


P.S: luv this website


Jammie Lynn Spears looks soooo cute!!! i love her dress!! and i dont think she is pregnant, it cant be possible, just look at her, shes too young.
ZOEY 101 ROXX!! luvvvv it!


OMG i love lauren conrad!!! shes one of my 3 idols (the others being


Hard one but Id stick with Jamie


Lauren Conrad used to live in one of the biggest houses featured on Laguna Beach â„¢. Her best friends were Lo,Heidi,Jen and Steven. She was stuck amidst a love triangle between Steven and Kristin Cavalerri. Her little sister Breanna also featured in LB as one of the bitchy popular girls. The Hills â„¢ was a spin off from Laguna following LC's move to LA to study fashion. She landed a grea job at Teen Vogue working alongside friend Whitney Port.
You can catch repeats of Laguna and seasons 1&2 or The Hills. The Hills season three started Monday 13th in the usa and starts this Sunday at 7.30pm in the uk. Lauren wins this.