Paul Sculfor: Great in Bed, Good for Jennifer Aniston

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Anyone who's seen Paul Sculfor pictures knows how good looking this British model is.

But, according to Star magazine, that's not the only thing Sculfor is good for... if you know what we mean! Or at least what Jennifer Aniston has supposedly said about her new boyfriend's skils between the sheets.

Jennifer Aniston at the Guys Choice Awards

"She's left Paul in no doubt that he is the man for her. She even let slip that he's better in the bed than either Brad or Vince!" a friend told the publication.

Ah, but what about Kevin Federline?

It's Jennifer Aniston nude! And Paul Sculfor nude! SmartWater did its research!

Meanwhile, another close friend of Aniston's who was obviously not paid a dime by Star, Tiffany Laws, added that Paul is more than just a man with great stamina and girth to match Cisco Adler. He's also romantic.

"He bought Jen a huge bunch of flowers, then had chocolates and champagne delivered," Laws said. "She loved that. Jen goes by what her heart is telling her, and the initial indications are really good."

Cocaine problems, be damned, Aniston is basically saying. Bring on the orgasms!

"She's not bothered about [celebrity gossip]. She will give him a chance to show he's the right guy for her," Laws said.

After struggling with so many different relationships, it seems the seductive actress has finally found a quality match.

We do admire Jennifer for seeing past the rumors and superficiality. After all, it you were to simply glance at Brooke Hogan, you'd see someone who doesn't know how to dress. You need to look deeper to see the awful singer within.

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In my own ''Playboy'' Paul Sculfer for sure have place... But there are so many, so many men where he never ever can compare him self to.
If I look at Paul Sculfer -speking about the horses- I see and I think I am not the only one-MOZES, white horse from Jerusalem. Paul Sculfer schould chek him self on Winston Churchil for exampel, speaking about his brittisch backround and not to mention Dante Gabriel Rosseti or Edward Bourne Jones. I dont know any Brittisch men today who have that kind of spirit and that is very sad.
Now days I enjoy one of my favorite ''play gays'' and my own muse and that is Jim Morison, one tiger, brother from lion Leonardo da Vinci. Nobady rides on these wild, wild anymals.
And Jim Morrison say: RUN WITH MY!
Aida Smajilovic, real persoon and platonical love from Isus Christ from Nazareth (only him)

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