Paul Sculfor Does Jennifer Aniston: The Evidence

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Yup, Paul Sculfor has seen Jennifer Aniston nude.

Is the following photographic evidence as clear cut as Kim Kardashian slipping the tongue to Reggie Bush? No, not exactly.

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But X17 Online has captured Sculfor relaxing on a certain balcony... the same balcony Aniston is later spotted on! This is Jennifer's house, so the second image isn't all that shocking. But the first makes us wonder just what was going on away from that balcony, if you know what we mean.

Paul Sculfor and Jennifer Aniston hang out on the same balcony. At different times. But you still get the idea.

We mean Paul Sculfor probably got to have sex with the beautiful ex of Brad Pitt right before he was seen here putting his shirt back on. Lucky guy.

Of course, he's also been hooked on cocaine in the past and been stuck having meals with Victoria Beckham (or was it Katie Holmes?). So maybe it evens out in the end.

Whatever went on inside Aniston's home is none of our business, of course. It's just nice to see Jen moving on a bit. She was giving it away for free to Vince Vaughn for way too long.

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I've been crazy for Jen for more years than I can count. I think the young woman I read about (sic) needs to be comuting to Hollywood to do her movies and then coming to where regular people are to live. Getting out of Tinselstown, with its b.s. and living with people who live ordinary lives, would show her how life really is. Her child could grow up in normalcy while she kept her acting career. West Tenn would be perfect for her. Love

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