Old, Fake and Nude: Sharon Stone on the Beach

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We'd be more surprised at this point if most people had NOT seen Sharon Stone nude on more than one occasion. After all, there was Basic Instinct... The Specialist... Sliver... Basic Instinct 2...

These movies were pretty much made to help Stone set the record for most career sex scenes. It's one we all hope Keira Knightley will eventually break.

Despite the frequency of her giant boobs appearing before the public's eyes, we thought it was necessary to post this image of Stone on a beach.

We assume our male readers don't mind...

Female fans, meanwhile, can enjoy the nearly nude Paul Sculfor photos that we came across recently. Jennifer Aniston's possible new man isn't too hard on the eyes.

But back to Stone: she's almost 50. So while the actress may not exactly be as attractive as Tonya Cooley nude, she's not bad for a senior citizen.


Hey Kevin Yes I still check this page religiously and I caonnt believe you saw Sharon Stone, as if it were nothing. If you knew how much I love Basic Instinct you wouldn't be so casual! I adore her, and am insanely jealous of you, since you live in a place where seeing Sharon Stone ellicits a response like whatever. The only sort-of celebrity I am acquainted with is Bridget Moynahan, and only because we shared a modelling agency. You're so lucky! PS.. Merry Christmas I am buried in snow, but it's beautiful. Ha! Canada wins!Justine


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