Ogling Alert: Ashton Kutcher Checks Out Rumer Willis

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It's hard to say where checking out the body of one's own teenage stepdaughter ranks on The Hollywood Gossip's ogling scale.

Certainly above the jaw-dropping, head-snapping, whistling, cat-calling antics exhibited by working-class British stiffs upon seeing Kate Middleton or Sienna Miller.

An Ashton Kutcher Love Child?!?

And probably even a bit higher than Diddy leering at Jessica Biel during an awards show. That body is something to behold, but the man's got Kim Porter and twins at home!

Yes, we'd have to say that Ashton Kutcher has raised (or lowered) the proverbial ogling bar by openly gawking at his wife's daughter, Rumer Willis…

Rumer's dad, Bruce Willis (also pictured here) has actually spoken quite fondly of Ashton Kutcher, the new, much younger husband of Demi Moore.

But the Die Hard actor has also been known to make thinly-veiled threats to anyone even thinking about trying something with his daughters.

Let's hope Bruce Willis doesn't get a look at this picture… and let's also hope Ashton doesn't decide to stare at Tallulah Willis next. That'd just be weird.


Demi had fun with stepfather or was it fun.... why not Rumer...Her mother did not mind...or did she...Does Demi mind or does she? It's all in the family....why not?


Is that all he has done with Rumer...Nope....just like all the other stepfathers that are close to their own age....Sleep walking tango...


holy smokes!? its so obvious. D.I.L.F, or what? LOL. Anyway...have fun tying to shake that image out of his head Demi. Get your shot-gun Bruce... and actually load it this time! HAHA! That so (chanting) "JERRY, JERRY, JERRY!!"

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