More Than Just Spoiled Stupidity: Paris Hilton Has ADD

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No wonder Paris Hilton has slept with so many guys.

TMZ has learned that the promiscuous heiress suffers from extreme Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), making it difficult for her to focus on one gentleman caller at a time.

See, Stavros Niarchos? Told you it wasn't personal.

Reportedly, Hilton also has claustrophobia. This fear of confined spaces might also explain why she needs to be out on the town so often, while also leading to the sheriff's decision to spring Paris from Lynwood Jail last week.

Hilton is back inside the real prison now (not the type within which Katie Holmes suffers) and is taking Adderall for the ADD.

Although sources were not specific, Paris was not receiving all of her medications at Lynwood, helping to explain why she panicked more than Simon Monjack during a polygraph. Supposedly, there were times Hilton was so debilitated, she could not push the panic button in her cell.

For now, though, the lawbreaker is okay. She's sad and doesn't like jail too much, but reports say her lack of eating hasn't caused her to fall into dangerous Nicole Richie status just yet.

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Paris is not spoiled. If I don't like elevators. Then I'll walk the staircase, right?
Then that is the way Paris feels about Prison. She is claustrophobic. The only thing she did wrong was get caught.
Some people commit crimes all of their lives, and never get caught. It ain't like she committed no felony. But the best thing she did, was show that she can deal with it, and retain her sense of humor. I bet that knocks ya'll for a loop ha?
She took it like a woman. Thats what I'm talking about.


Telling people others personal business is disrespectful.


Here's a silly game where you try to free Paris from jail by catapulting her from prison to Rodeo Drive: Enjoy (my high score is 334)


Paris has a lot of growing up to do. Her parents are at fault. They weren't hands on and caring parents. She was very lonely growing up with no real direction I'm sure. A lot of rich children get messed up. A lot of poor children get messed up as well due to parental neglect. I hope that she can get her act together after this and I sure do hope that they don't drug her too much. Psychotropic meds can do permanent harm. Won't we miss her free spirit in the tabloids at all? Another Hollywood vegetable is what we sure don't need. Medicating people is an easy way out for society. She's a lonely human being. She's very devoted to her pets as she feels needed taking taking care of them. It's another tragedy in Hollywood. I wish her a speedy recovery.