Kim Kardashian's Enormous Booty Defies Comprehension

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Kim Kardashian: The Booty
[Below, an intern at The Hollywood Gossip prank calls Kim Kardashian]

*** ring .... ring ... ring ... ***

Kim Kardashian: "Hello?"
THG Intern: "Hi, may I please speak to Hugh?"
Kim Kardashian: [confused] "What? Hugh who?"
THG Intern: [high-fives editor] "Hugh Jass!"
Kim Kardashian: [slams phone in disgust]

You really don't need a fake crank call or even a celebrity gossip blog to point out that Kim Kardashian has some of the most ridiculous, back-dat-ass-up booty in Hollywood.

But we'll spell it out for you anyway.

Honestly, that thing needs its own air traffic control tower, because you could land helicopters on it. What the hell is going on back there? We know some guys like a li'l somethin' to grab on to and all, but is this sex tape star's butt even real?

Would Kim opt to go the route of Heidi Montag and get implants... only in the back instead of the front? Or has she just made too many trips to the In-n-Out Burger with Britney Spears?

It's difficult to say.

There are only two men who can comment for sure on the state of that ass. Ray J, we're waiting for your feedback. Call us, dog. Reggie Bush, holla at us.


Google this phrase " Kim still insists" and judge for yourself.


Than would be the yummiest setting for a breakfast.........truly heavenly ass


She could serve up breakfast on that big tray of hers! LOL


damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn kim i would love to hit dat nd skibby is rite all da dirty black girls r jealous nd dat ass in not fake. her ass is all true


And skibby is stupid. Apparently, white women must hate themselves enough where they have to get fake parts, and white men are so intimidated of real black women's beauty that they have to co-opt that in the form of implants for their fake white women. It's so fake. I have no respect for men who like to play with silicon/hydrogel parts.


hi baby how are you i like nice lok baby very sexy


The black girls are just jealous. Seriously


I wanna hit dat azz


dat ass is as fake as my weave. She came out with a flat ass now is jumbo ass!! please!!


that bitch got more ass than a hippo


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