Katie Holmes Morphing Into Victoria Beckham?

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Happy creatures of habit, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes enjoyed yet another dinner at Wolfgang Puck's CUT steakhouse Tuesday.

Chances are, their steaks were pretty damn good. ** Bad segue alert ** Unlike another cut Katie Holmes is sporting nowadays.

As photographers snapped the A-listers exiting the eatery, Katie - like Rihanna, Jenna Jameson and others - revealed her age-defying Posh Spice-style new bob hairstyle.

It's not too shocking that Holmes - a noted pal of Victoria Beckham - would adopt the former Spice Girl's style. Check out these before and after comparisons of PoshKat below...

Hey, it could be worse. Morphing into Posh Spice is one thing. That sure as hell beats turning into a submissive, mute alien being. What would Suri Cruise say about that?

Tell us, fans, what do you think of Katie Holmes' new 'do?

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Katie's a mommy now, meaning those lovely locks once cherished are just well....no longer as important as they may have been in the past. Besides it's just hair and will grow back. You go Katie! You certainly are the happiest prisoner I have ever seen. I wish you continued joy and success in your role as Mother, it's the most precious and unapplaudeded role you will ever play. From my viewpoint you and Tom both deserve Oscars!


Looks good...


It's bad. Just so bad. Never much of a Katie fan anyway and even less of one when she married Tom and joined the cult, but this is just too much. The hair looked bad on Posh but at least it was consistent with the image of Robot Whore which she seems to like to project. On Katie is just as ugly but completely incongruous as well. Sad.


she looks terrible! why did she do that?